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Sherwood Anderson

Sherwood Anderson

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Sherwood Anderson (1876-1941), a writer whose prose style, derived from everyday speech, influenced American short story writing between World Wars I and II. Anderson's most important work, was published in 1919. The book, a collection of 23 inter-related stories of small-town life, features George Willard, a reporter for the local newspaper, who has ambitions to become a famous writer.

Sherwood Anderson's works are listed underlying:

I Want to Know Why
Out of Nowhere into Nothing
The Door of the Trap
The Dumb Man
The Egg
The Man in the Brown Coat
The New Englander
The Other Woman
Unlighted Lamps
Winesburg, Ohio

It comes with a strong ebook reader;


1 Different reading mode:you can choose different mode according to the environment. For example,you can choose dark mode at night.You can change the font of the content.

2 You can add mark at any place you like.

3 You can write note about a certain content.

4 This app will remember your last reading position.

5 Swipe left or right to change chapters.

Every function is designed for you. Enjoying your reading!


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