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Olaf Stapledon's Collection [ 15 books ]

Olaf Stapledon's Collection [ 15 books ]

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This book contain collection of 15 books

1. Last and First Men : A Story of the Near and Far Future [1930]
2. Last Men in London [1932]
3. Odd John: A Story Between Jest and Earnest [1935]
4. Star Maker [1937]
5. Darkness and the Light [1942]
6. Sirius : A Fantasy of Love and Discord [1944]
7. Death into Life [1946]
8. The Flames [1947]
9. A Man Divided [1950]
10. Collected Stories
11. A Modern Theory of Ethics: A study of the Relations of Ethics and Psychology [1929]
12. Philosophy and Living [1939]
13. Saints and Revolutionaries [1939]
14. Experiences in the Friends' Ambulance Unit [1935]
15. What Are "Spiritual" Values? [1944]

About the Author
Olaf Stapledon, 1886-1950

British philosopher and author of several influential works of science fiction.

Stapledon's writings directly influenced Arthur C. Clarke, Brian Aldiss, Stanislaw Lem, C. S. Lewis and John Maynard Smith and indirectly influenced many others, contributing many ideas to the world of science fiction. The "supermind" composed of many individual consciousnesses forms a recurring theme in his work. Star Maker contains the first known description of what are now called Dyson spheres. Freeman Dyson credits the novel with giving him the idea. Last and First Men features early descriptions of genetic engineering and terraforming. Sirius describes a dog whose intelligence is increased to the level of a human being's.

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