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Stories of Three Character Classic (Volume one)HD-Tinysky

Stories of Three Character Classic (Volume one)HD-Tinysky

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★Contains stories★
1.The Change of Young Cao Cao
2.Tang Yin Learning to Paint
3.Three Moves by Mencius’ Mother
4.Huang Xiang Warmed His Father’s Bed
5.Kong Rong Yielded the Bigger Pears
6.Pan Gu Seperated Sky and Earth
7.Passed One’s House Thrice but Never Stepped in
8.Confucius Took on a Teacher
9.To Turn over a New Leaf
10.Cutting off the Sitting Mat to Break off the Friendship

The stories of Three Character Classic Series integrates the traditional into lively, interesting historical stories. By unpretentious language, children can understand the essence of Chinese culture, cultivate their humanistic quality and noble sentiments during interactive reading. Through illustrations, deep educational value are easy to understand. In forms of three characters for one sentence, rich in rhythm and easy to read, easy to memorize, which help children to learn more words, form phrases, make sentences, and constantly improve their appreciation level, keep optimistic attitudes, color their lives and learn conducting principles. We considered more for you and care more on children. Trust your choice.

★★★Wonderful Stories★★★
★ Supervalue combinations: 10 in1 Supervalue combinations, which includes a plenty of wonderful books, will provide your children wonderful experience in worlds of adventures! More interesting stories can be downloaded online.
★ For new reading experience: This collection edition produces an amazing effect with lifelike pictures, fluctuating plots, vivid dubbing, simple and funny interaction. It makes reading much easier and books more vivid!
★ No need to teach bilingual language: By vivid bilingual dubbing, at any time, you can switch the dubbing between two languages. It's quite easy to learn a foreign language.
★ Having fun at any time :With the newly additional function of drawing on the sketchpad and carefully selected illustrations of stories, which makes reading in entertainment . While children are reading, they can also enjoy drawing like artists which motivates their potential in it. What is more, your baby's masterpieces can be showed by sharing postcards !
★ Presented by Tinysky : Here are a plenty of high-quality books carefully made by a professional production team.
★ Our expectations: May your children healthily grow up with Tinysky, and help them to learn faster and better.

★★★About Us★★★
Tiny Sky, Big Dreams
Tinysky —— a new experience on vivid reading. Cooperating with major publishers, we have made a collection of the world's best children's literary works, with colorful illustrations and careful making by a professional production team. All the high-quality books will provide your children with a pair of wings to fly freely. In the Tinysky world , there are not only wonderful fairy tales, small moving castles and little talking partners, but also edutainment interactive games.
Also, Tinysky creates a fantasy world of reading —— With a perfect ebook store in the clouds, where vivid and rich contents are simple but profound, so children of different ages can find their right books. While putting the talking knowledge into their pockets, Tinysky meets children's curiosity and thirst for knowledge in the joy, to help them grow happily with easy reading.
Tinysky provides a fantasy world of reading in the clouds to your children.

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