JoyOrange-The Responsible Reagan

JoyOrange-The Responsible Reagan

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‘The Responsible Reagan’ is an interactive animated book which making reading more interesting and fun. The story is about a young boy who learns the value of being responsible. This bilingual application is perfect for young children learning to read independently, teaching them good morals in a modern way.
Not only is this app interactive and educational, it is also very user-friendly. The easy to use bilingual menu is perfect for children to use individually and along with parents or friends, making it a perfect story time solution.

The story can be read in three ways.
★‘Read to me’: the story is read out aloud whilst the words are highlighted, allowing children to look at pictures and listen to the story being read to them using professional audio narration.
★‘Read it myself’: practice to read the story independently in its original form.
★‘Bedtime Story Time’: allowing for a soothing background audio narration of the story, accompanying children to sleep.

Key functions:
★ Animated: moving animated pictures allowing for a more visual read.
★ Touch screen: more interaction and in depth discovery of the story
★ Games: interactive games to stimulate and engage children’s interest.
★ Find it: a game of seek using touch screen technology to find objects.
★ Post card: share your experience with friends and family by sending them a customized postcard, which is easy to send using instant email, face book and twitter add-ons.
★ More books and info: find out about more books that available in the series instantly.
★ Bilingual: Chinese and English menu and story.
★ Pages: allow you to skip pages and go to the page you require. Just like a movie menu.

For more information please visit our website or find us on the iTunes app store.

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