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Impostor A Sequel To Love's Legacy

Impostor A Sequel To Love's Legacy

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Impostor A Sequel To Love's Legacy
by T.L. Davison

Impostor is a story about the lengths a man will go to protect the woman he loves.

Following an explosion Kenn Michael Harrison awakes in a morgue with his face disfigured, just as a coroner is about to perform a post mortem on him.

Later in hospital, he receives a visit from Lance Stevens who will pay for Kenn Michael's facial reconstruction. However, driven by insecurity, Lance has one condition; Kenn Michael must agree to have a complete change of appearance. He and Lance have now become rivals for the love of the same woman, Jennifer Claire, with James now out of the way.

A year later, his appearance completely altered and unrecognizable to Claire, Kenn Michael attends her wedding. While he appears to have given up gracefully, Kenn Michael reminds Lance that he's starting his marriage out with a lie. Kenn Michael warns Lance he will be looking over his shoulder and Lance had better not ever do wrong by Claire or he will regret the day he was born.

About Author :

While primarily an artist, I discovered a love for writing in my teenage years. However, I didn't start writing seriously until my 21st birthday….doing it the hard way. Meaning, I ran the gamut of unfulfilling jobs ranging from Administrative Assistant to Security Officer while writing my first novel; Love's Legacy, in every minute of my spare time. I won’t go into how long it took me, doing it this way, but I'll say it was a valuable learning experience. I once read in a writers’ magazine that the more unpleasant the job, the better it is for a writer as it is what propels him or her to persevere with his/her craft and not give up. However, on a more positive front working in different locations as a temp certainly provided me the opportunity to observe the way people interact with one another; an experience that was invaluable for allowing me to create believable characters in my books.

The spiritual overtones and references to reincarnation mentioned in my stories came about from my own experiences as a seeker of spiritual truths, having been an Evangelical Christian who soon found that I could no longer be at peace living my life within the parameters of church dogma.
am still an artist, participating as frequently as possible in Studio Tours, as well as various Arts related activities in my community in the east end of Toronto, Canada, where I currently live. You may visit my site at

I have a deep love of nature and animals and currently share my abode with a regal Himalayan feline dependant who just happens to know the meaning of her name; Princess. In Impostor, she is my prototype for Grizabella. I would indeed love to have a hundred cats like Hemingway, but I fear Her Majesty would throw a major hissy fit and stalk right out the door. However, recently she was forced to accept Duchess, a part Maine Coon I rescued in our neighbourhood park. As of this writing, we're (all three of us) are still in the adjustment phase.

A few years ago I was approached by Renaissance e-Books to try my hand at erotic romance, and my efforts yielded two novels in this genre under the pseudonym of
Laura Hammond. I have since found that it's really not my style anymore. On the other hand there, being the CEO and Chief Editor at Club Lighthouse Publishing does not leave me much time for much of anything else lately...

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