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How to become Rich ???

How to become Rich ???

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This multimedia e-book is a step-by-step guide on how to become rich. This e-book deals with issues that worry everybody who seeks freedom and independence. Ask yourself: Do I want to be rich? If YES, read this book!

Here you'll find really simple answers to very complicated questions and learn about the most effective ways to reach your goals.

Reading this book won't take much time, but the information you will get from it is helpful indeed.

Here I describe a method based on my personal experience; it is up for you to decide whether apply it or not — in fact, your life is fully in your hands.


Part 1. U.S. dollars - a symbol of wealth of the modern world

1.1.United States banknotes
1.1.1.United States one-dollar bill
1.1.2.United States two-dollar bill
1.1.3.United States five-dollar bill
1.1.4.United States ten-dollar bill
1.1.5.United States twenty-dollar bill
1.1.7.United States one hundred-dollar bill

1.2.Large Denominations
1.2.1.$500 bill
1.2.2.$1,000 bill
1.2.3.$5,000 bill
1.2.4.$10,000 bill
1.2.5.$100,000 bill

1.3.See what different sums of money look like (one hundred) dollars,000 (ten thousands) dollars,000,000 (one million) dollars,000,000 (one hundred millions) dollars,000,000,000 (one billion) dollars,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) dollars

Part 2. How to become Rich…
2.1.The brief history of commodity-money relations
2.1.1.How an EQUIVALENT of goods and services came into existence
2.1.2.Turning EQUIVALENT into a data RECORD
2.1.3.Invisible violation of the basic requirements to EQUIVALENTS
2.1.4.EQUIVALENT and MONEY: substitution of notions
2.1.5.The fundamental difference between MONEY and EQUIVALENT
2.1.6.Losing relation between MONEY printing and PRODUCTION of goods and services
2.1.7.Converting MONEY into GOODS
2.1.8.Privately held 'reserve banks'
2.1.9.Workers and laborers
2.1.10. Current situation on the planet: a brief description
2.1.11. Let's have a look at the nearest future
2.1.12. We have an idea, let's think it over
2.2.'Riches': New understanding of the concept
2.2.1.Riches (in the widest sense)
2.2.2.Tangible (material) world and tangible assets (material values)
2.2.3.Intangible (non-material) world and intangible assets (non-material values)
2.2.4.Natural resources

2.3.Becoming Rich: Step by step instruction

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