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My Beautiful Religion 2


The Itiqad installment of the My Beautiful Religion series, making matters of faith comprehensible for children, is presented under the subheading I am learning the Basics of Faith. The main objective of the book is to enable children to learn the basics of faith more easily, permanently and in a way they can understand. The book gives mention to the topics religion, faith and belief in Allah and His angels, only. Belief in the revealed books, prophets, the Hereafter and Fate, on the other hand, have been deferred to I am learning the Basics of Faith 2.

The aim of offering a distinctive taste to children’s world of knowledge has lead to the inclusion of the following in the book:

To attract attention, each section begins with a story.
The relevant ayah and hadith are given in a separate frame, to give a longer lasting impression on children and make it easier to learn.
The basics of faith are explained in the light of ayah and hadith.
Different examples, stories, analogies and illustrations are utilized to help children learn with more ease and make their reading more fun.
The relevant information is at times explained through tables and adorned with poems.
Concluding each section are questions through which children can test what they learn.

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