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eBook: Surgical Anatomy

eBook: Surgical Anatomy

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eBook Media Viewer Series #15

Title: Surgical Anatomy

Author: Joseph Maclise

Pages: 338

Details: Fully Illustrated

Commentary on Plates:
• The thorax, the relative position of its contained parts, the lungs, heart, & larger blood vessels
• The superficial, cervical, facial regions, the relative position of the principal blood vessels, nerves
• The deep cervical, facial regions, the relative position of the principal blood vessels, nerves
• The subclavian, carotid regions, the relative anatomy of their contents
• The episternal or tracheal region, the relative position of its main blood vessels, nerves
• The axillary, brachial regions, displaying the relative position of their contained parts
• The male & female axillae compared
• The bend of the elbow, forearm, showing the relative position of the vessels & nerves
• The wrist & hand
• The relative position of the cranial, nasal, oral, pharyngeal cavities
• The relative position of the superficial organs of the thorax & abdomen
• The relative position of the deeper organs of the thorax & those of the abdomen
• The relations of the principal bloodvessels to the viscera of the thoracico-abdominal cavity
• The relation of the principal bloodvessels of the thorax & abdomen to the osseous skeleton
• The relation of the internal parts to the external surface
• The superficial parts & bloodvessels of the inguino-femoral region
• The first, second, third, & fourth layers of the inguinal region, in connexion with those of the thigh
• The fifth, sixth, seventh, & eighth layers of the inguinal region, & their connexion with those of the thigh
• The dissection of the oblique or external, & of the direct or internal inguinal hernia
• The distinctive diagnosis between external & internal inguinal herniae, the taxis, seat of stricture, & the operation
• Demonstrations of the nature of congenital & infantile inguinal herniae, & of hydrocele
• Demonstrations of the origin & progress of inguinal herniae in general
• The dissection of femoral hernia & the seat of stricture
• Demonstrations of the origin & progress of femoral hernia; its diagnosis, the taxis, & the operation
• The principal bloodvessels & nerves of the iliac & femoral regions
• The relative anatomy of the male pelvic organs
• The superficial structures of the male perinaeum
• The deep structures of the male perinaeum; the lateral operation of lithotomy
• The male bladder & urethra; lateral & bilateral lithotomy compared
• Congenital & pathological deformities of the prepuce & urethra; strictures & mechanical obstructions of the urethra
• The various forms & positions of strictures & other obstructions of the urethra; false passages; enlargements & deformities of the prostate
• Deformities of the prostate; distortions & obstructions of the prostatic urethra
• Deformities of the urinary bladder; the operations of sounding for stone; of catheterism & of puncturing the bladder above the pubes
• The popliteal space, the posterior crural region
• The anterior crural region; the ankles & the foot

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