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Destiny In The Stars-Young Adult Edition

Destiny In The Stars-Young Adult Edition

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Destiny in The Stars-Young Adult Edition
by Gorgenia Ralph

Destiny is a young woman with extraordinary powers that could rival the gods. She is abducted from Earth by mean alien grey men called Veron, and taken light years from her home. Upon reaching their destination they are attacked and shot down by the Destroyers. These men are soldiers. They are enlisted by the Council to protect the galaxy from a terrible threat, nasty creatures called Phant. The Veron are spreading this terror throughout their worlds. Destiny must use her power to survive. But fearful, she keeps them hidden from everyone.

Zeuz is Commander of the Destroyers. It was his ship that fired upon them causing them to crash. He and his men land on the planet to retrieve any and all data from the Veron ship. When surface scans show a nest they are soon in a battle for survival. The nest must be destroyed at all cost. In the mists of battle and to everyone’s disbelief an unarmed woman had survived the crash and the Phant. The Destroyers take her with them and it isn’t long before the attraction between Destiny and Zeuz shows its light.

She is taken to Ulzan II, the asteroid home of the Destroyers. She goes before the Council but they won’t let her leave. The Phant threat is too great. There she will meet Zeuz’s family and is left to stay with them. Her love for Zeuz shows through when an attack on a neighbouring planet forces the Destroyers to leave Ulzan II sooner than expected, Destiny begs to go with Zeuz. But his feelings for her would not allow him to be put her in such a dangerous position.

Hours after the Destroyers leave Ulzan II is under attack. Phant eggs that had been smuggled onto the planet have hatched and everyone is in danger. Destiny is forced to use her power openly to protect those she has come to care for. The Destroyers are called back by Council order. When Zeuz learns of her powers he is afraid for her. The Council didn’t like being lied to and it could cost her her life.

About the Author:


Gorgenia Ralph is a married mother of two who has enjoyed reading and writing from an early age. She would like to see all of her stories in print and hopes to achieve this goal one day in the very near future. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family.

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