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Call Nearest

Call Nearest

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Type a business or service into Call Nearest and it dials the nearest match.

There are lots of individual apps like Gas Finder, In-N-Out Finder, Call a Cab, and so on. Why not a simple tool that does all of it?

Matching results are displayed with a countdown giving you time to cancel and revise your search.

A few examples of how to use this tool:

* After the doctor's office: nearest Pharmacy.
* On the highway: call the nearest In-N-Out Burger.
* While running errands: finding the nearest Oil Change.
* Renting a movie: is Blockbuster still open?

How does it work? Call Nearest searches google local for whatever you enter and then dials the top result. The nice thing about using Google is that entering a phrase such as Rite Aid works perfectly, but so does entering a phrase like Pharmacy.

Why fumble around with a map when all you need to do is call?

Just speed and simplicity so that you can get on with your life.

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What's New

Fixed a bug where the keyboard wouldn't appear after performing a search and then closing the calling popup.

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