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Animation Moving Samples 6

Animation Moving Samples 6

       iOS iPad

Animation Moving Samples
Part 6 - ANIMALS -

Using 8 frame per seconds is good enough for animation, please watch !

We are now working on Japanese version.

All Sample Animations are drawn as playing 8 Frame per Second.
(Some of Japanese TV animation use 8 frame per seconds and convert to 30 frame per seconds.)

There are 13 animation samples.

You can look at them and imitate movements.

F01 Dog walking
F02 Dog running
F03 Cat running
F04 Rabbit running
F05 Horse running
F06 Frog jumping
F07 Butterfly
F08 Caterpillar
F09 Bird flying
F10 Small bird flying
F11 Fish
F12 Dolphin jumping
F13 Fish and Bubbles

Animation By Suzuki Shinichi
He has been a career animator for over 40 years in Japan.
And he worked with OSAMU TEZUKA & FUJIKO FUJIO, etc.

What's new

Flat Icon and For 64bit


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