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Tinman Arts-Chicken Run

Tinman Arts-Chicken Run

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Tinman Arts animation book series,books with delightful animations and interesting interactions!
"Chickens Run" is presently only available for iPad and iPhone4! For your best reading, we do not support iPhone 3gs, iPhone 3g and iPhone currently.

All of the 6 books in “Chickens Run” series are available now, with 2 free books "The Greatest Daddy" and "Where is the Centipede"!
"Chickens Run" is featured by Apple as "New and Noteworthy" in "Book" Category for December, 2010!

With new media features of the Animation Book, the “Chickens Run” book series provide amazing stories and interesting interactions to improve your reading experience. Delightful animations in each page will impress you. What’s more, touching anywhere on the screen may give you a big surprise!

====Story Overview====
"The Greatest Daddy": Little dog's dad is not afraid of the wolves; Horse's dad can run very fast, he has been to many places; Pig's dad can eat food that most people cannot eat...Their dads are so great, what about my daddy? It seems, my dad has a great gift...

"Moon's Kiss": I like the moon very much, I always sleep comfortably when the moon is shining on me. I decide to look closer at the moon and give her a kiss. However, no matter how hard I tried, I cannot reach the moon. Can I give her a kiss?

"Where is the Centipede": As a good little chicken, I need to catch a centipede. What does it look like? I was told that it has a long, hard body and has lots of legs...

"My Mummy is an Egg": Everyone said that I was not the biological child of my mom, and a little chicken jumps out of an egg! I decide to find my biological mother. Who is she? Would she be a duck, or an eagle...However, I find I miss my mom now, very very much...

"Mummy I Love You": My mom is strange, sometimes she looks beautiful, sometimes she's very messy; Sometimes she's quite smart, sometimes she's a bit silly. What's more, my mummy has two faces...No matter how she is, I wish to say, I love you, mummy.

"Little Hairball": I met a little weasel, he looks like a little hairyball, he's so cute! We went out of our farm to play. He had such bad luck. At first he dropped stone on his own foot, and later, he fell into the river. I would like to help him, because we're good friends!

Jiao Jiao is a smart little chicken who is very brave! He live on a beautiful farm, and every day he play with his friends. They learn together and fight together every day on their farm. Every day there is an interesting story for them to tell you. Jiao Jiao welcome, all the kids like you to grow up with him!

We will continually make more EBook series for our readers. In addition, in “Chickens Run” books series, we will provide both free and paid(IAP) books for you.

We look forward to your valuable suggestions. If you have creations which you feel will be useful to our young readers, or simply comments, please let us hear from you. We will make your ideas into beautiful EBook applications to be shared with all our readers around the world.

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1. Available in both English and Chinese, with professional voice artists
Universal app for iPhone and iPad, iPhone4 retina display is supported
Excellent background music by professional musical product group
4. Explore delightful animations within each page
5. Tap to interact with characters
6. Easy to use, no need to separate auto-flip and manual-flip mode forever.
7. Sleeping mode: bed-time stories with musics for kids to fall in asleep
8. Download whatever you like using "in app purchase". once after you purchase one book, you don't need to pay when you download again.
9. Support sharing by Email and MicroBlog
10. Support iOS4.2 multi task

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