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Sherlock Holmes-Detective Fiction Collection Classic

Sherlock Holmes-Detective Fiction Collection Classic

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Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes) British writer Conan Doyle created magical detective. He lives in London, Baker Street, 221 B. Tall, long face, thick eyebrows , black hair , aquiline nose , gray eyes. Mind precision , sharp-eyed , solemn character , witty , alert, calm, strong. Marksmanship class , make good sticks, swords skilled in martial arts . Usually hobby playing a violin. Reasoning ability is second to none . A large number of cases detected strange mystery . He is a doctor 's assistant John · H · Watson. Nemesis , Professor Moriarty is .

I like reading novels , especially the kind of thought-provoking , aftertaste that kind introduction . One got the " Sherlock Holmes ", read from the first book , which is bizarre , incredible story is like a wonderful movie , let me food for thought. " Sherlock Holmes " was written by the Englishman Arthur Conan Doyle . April 1886 , he completed the " Study in Scarlet word " his first novella , the hero Sherlock Holmes debut. The writer presents the great detective is a lanky middle-aged man , highly penetrating an aquiline nose now , smoking a pipe , often with an umbrella on a London street shuttle . Meanwhile, the great detective is also proficient in fencing , boxing, violin and other projects. " A Study in Scarlet " is the author 's debut , but also its best a novella . Fiction plot , bizarre, weird suspense . Fiction with a vengeance as the main plot, and added romanticism , literary meaning strong. Then, the author has published his second novella , " The Sign of Four " , the novel reveals the heart of greed and sinister. I find that when Holmes met confused, I feel hesitant ; smoothly when Holmes to solve the case , I was also a relaxed side . Suddenly feeling detective fiction and novels , like the mind is a kind of sustenance. And after reading back to think about how Holmes are so strong reasoning ability , in my opinion, Holmes was not Superman , he was just an ordinary person can be observed not observed something , and then his own mastery of scientific knowledge to identify, reasoning . Give me the whole novel is the most profound impact on Holmes said a word : . " As long as you observe it from another angle, you will find a lot of loopholes ," When I saw this sentence carefully thought their lives I heard things as : Chen Shui-bian of this jail , in prison might want to rehabilitate ; may also be planning how to escape in prison , depending on who think this thing is not to hate or hate water flat . Ages can often thought of as the good guys or the bad guys want the bad guys into good guys , the result will often incredible . There may even riches today , tomorrow may be stolen . A lot of things is so incredible. " Sherlock Holmes " Can you tell me a lot , I really like this book.

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