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See Who’s at Your Door with SkyBell for iPhone

I’m intrigued by devices that you let you accomplish tasks that normally require your presence through a smartphone from anywhere in the world. Like the Nest thermostat that lets you adjust the temperature in your home or the Scanomat TopBrewer coffee maker that can make a latte for you, all through your iPhone. So Skybell,… Read more »

Unlock Your Mac by Knocking on Your iPhone with ‘Knock’

Are you tired of entering your password to unlock your Mac? Or do you even forego setting up a password for your Mac to avoid the hassle of unlocking it? If you’re like me and tend to carry your iPhone with you everywhere, developer Knock Software released today a unique solution to unlock your Mac… Read more »

‘AppShopper Social’ for iPhone Updated to Show Friends’ App Lists

Our own official app here at AppShopper got an update on Friday to fix a few bugs and add a much-requested feature: the ability to view your friends’ app lists. Previously, you could add new friends and see their apps in your Stream but there was no way to separately view the apps of a… Read more »

‘AppShopper Social’ Updated with Sharing and Bug Fixes

Version 1.0.1 of our own official app, AppShopper Social, has just hit the App Store. This update includes fixes for sharing via Facebook and email, a crashing issue for iPad users running iOS 5, performance issues for iPhone 4 users, and other bug fixes. AppShopper Social first debuted in the App Store in April after… Read more »

‘Clever Lotto’ for iPhone Keeps You on Top of Powerball and Mega Millions

Though the recent record-setting Powerball jackpot of nearly $600 million has been won by some incredibly lucky person in Florida, another jackpot is already building. And if you’re a regular player or you only buy a ticket when the jackpots are big, Formigas’s Clever Lotto for iPhone will keep your numbers straight and alert you… Read more »

‘Keycard’ Locks Your Mac When Your iPhone Goes Out of Range

If you’ve ever wanted a quick way to ensure that others can’t use your Mac when you step away from it and you’re the type of person to keep your iPhone with you wherever you go, developer Appuous has a solution for you with its new Mac app, Keycard. Keycard is a tiny app that… Read more »

A Flashlight App That Makes Clever Use of the iPhone’s Proximity Sensor

I can’t believe that I’m going to post about a flashlight app but the lack of light at my treadmill desk in the late afternoons thanks to the noticeably shorter days of fall brought this to mind. Flashlight apps could probably have their own category in the App Store given how many there are and… Read more »