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‘Facebook’ for iPhone and iPad Gets Chat Heads, Stickers

Earlier this month, Facebook announced a new interface for select Android devoices dubbed ‘Facebook Home’. The interface puts the focus on interactions with your Facebook friends, featuring images and updates from your Facebook stream and the ability to chat from anywhere without needing to open a specific app. Today, Facebook updated its iPhone and iPad… Read more »

‘Twitterrific 5’ for iPhone and iPad Gets Unique Muting Feature

The Iconfactory’s Twitterrific 5 for iPhone and iPad debuted in December (our review), featuring a gorgeous interface that was a complete redesign compared to its predecessor. However, it lacked the ability to mute users, a useful “pro” feature that hides users you don’t want to hear from temporarily. In an update last week, Twitterrific 5… Read more »

‘Bump’ for iPhone Can Now Send Files to Computers

Bump, the popular file-sharing app that debuted in the App Store in 2010, has been updated with a new feature that allows you to send files on your iPhone to any computer. To send files to a computer, you simply need to tap the space bar on the computer with your iPhone while the computer’s… Read more »

Kickstarter Releases iPhone App to Let You Crowdfund On the Go

Kickstarter, the online crowd-funding platform that was launched in 2009, released an iPhone app today. Kickstarter for iPhone is free and lets you browse and back projects and keep up with any projects you’ve already backed. Accessories for Apple products and even iOS apps have been funded through Kickstarter, including weather app Dark Sky (review)… Read more »

Tapbots Makes ‘Netbot’ for iPhone and iPad Free

Tapbots, the maker of several popular iOS and Mac apps, has made its client for iOS, Netbot, free in order to “spur adoption” of the budding ad-free social network. The iPhone and iPad versions of the app will remain free for an “unspecified period of time” according to the company’s post on announcing the… Read more »

‘Twitterrific 5’ Gets New Features and Improvements

The Iconfactory’s Twitterrific 5 got an update yesterday that adds a few new features and improves existing ones. New features include the ability to see a thumbnail preview of images within your timeline and a new simplified reading mode is available in the in-app browser, but it’s the improvements and bug fixes that really make… Read more »

Notable New Apps & Updates: Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo, Find My iPhone

While some things seem to slow down just before the holidays, app developers are apparently an exception if the number of major updates this week are any indication. While all of these apps are free and therefore pose no risk to your wallet, I still wanted to highlight them in case you’re considering a paid… Read more »

Review: Twitterrific 5 for iPhone and iPad

The Iconfactory, the company that began as a graphic design studio focused on icon design and has since branched out to iOS app development, has released a major update to its Twitter client for the iPhone and iPad, Twitterrific. Twitterrific 5 debuted in the App Store tonight and it’s a radical departure in look and… Read more »

‘App Map’ Shows You Apps Being Used Nearby and Around the World

While I think that we’re one of the best ways to discover new apps right here at AppShopper, I can admit that there are other perfectly good methods, even though it pains me a little to do so. One such method comes in the form of — you guessed it — an app, namely App… Read more »

Tweetbot Hits the Mac App Store with a $20 Price Tag

Tapbots, the maker of Tweetbot, my favorite Twitter client for the iPhone and iPad, and Netbot, an identical client for the Twitter-like upstart, has released Tweetbot for Mac. Tweetbot had been released as a free public alpha in July and made it into the App Store today at $19.99, a price that’s notably higher than… Read more »