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‘The Elements’ Interactive Ebook Debuts for Mac

The Elements: A Visual Exploration, an interactive periodic table reference app based on the hardcover book by Theodore Gray, debuted for the iPad in 2010 to much acclaim and Touch Press has just released a version of the app for the Mac. The Elements hit the Mac App Store today and is available for $28.99…. Read more »

Apple Releases WWDC App for iPhone and iPad with Session Video Access

If you were lucky enough to get tickets to Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference within the two minutes it took for them to sell out, Apple is going to make your time there easy with the new WWDC app that provides session schedules, venue maps, and even videos of each session, which will be made available daily… Read more »

Google Now Personal Assistant Added to ‘Google Search’ for iPhone and iPad

Google Now, a personal assistant service that first debuted for Android devices last year, has arrived for the iPhone and iPad through an update to the Google Search app. Google Now provides users with relevant information based on individual search history, Gmail account contents, and current location. This information, including local weather and traffic details,… Read more »

‘Delicious Library 3’ for Mac Makes Cataloging Your Stuff a Snap

The third version of Delicious Monster’s popular media cataloging app, Delicious Library, debuted in the Mac App Store today, along with a companion barcode scanning app for iPhone and iPad. Delicious Library made its first appearance in 2004, with version 2 released in 2008. The core functionality of Delicious Library remains in version 3: easy… Read more »

Collins Brings the World to Your Fingertips with ‘Atlas’

I still marvel at the fact that the enormous dictionaries, encyclopedias, and atlases I used as a child to learn about the world and complete what seemed like endless amounts of homework at the time are now condensed into digital forms that can be carried in your pocket. And these digital versions can offer so… Read more »

Quickipedia Offers Streamlined Wikipedia Access on the Mac

Although Wikipedia doesn’t come close to Encyclopaedia Brittanica accuracy and reliability levels, it can still be a good place to start when kicking off research for a school project or to satisfy a need to delve into the traits of fainting goats to break the monotony of work. Of course you can browse Wikipedia freely… Read more »

Ultralingua Revamps Dictionary App for iPhone and iPad

Ultralingua, the software maker focused on language reference applications, has released a new app that offers several dictionaries for a number of languages via in-app purchase. The new Ultralingua Dictionary is intended to replace its stand-alone offerings that are still available for purchase, many of which debuted in the early days of the App Store… Read more »

TextbookMe for iPhone Helps You Find Textbooks on the Cheap

The fact that textbooks cost a fortune is right up there with death and taxes as certainties everyone will face in life. I remember getting a good case of sticker shock at the start of every semester at old Big Red as I cruised the campus store in search of the textbooks that would, in… Read more »