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Clear for iPhone and iPad Goes Free for 24 Hours

Since Apple doesn’t allow developers to charge additional money for app upgrades, their hands are tied when it comes to deciding how to handle significant changes to an app. Developers can either bite the bullet and just release an upgrade without earning any additional money from those who already purchased the app, or they can… Read more »

AppShopper Picks: 2012 Apps of the Year

Apple’s App Store continues to grow and a number of excellent apps debuted this year. While it’s impossible to look at every single new app, we did come across several stand-outs this year that deserve a place on our year-end list of the best apps. If you’ve been following the AppShopper blog, you know that… Read more »

Getting Started with the iPad Mini

If you’ve got a shiny new iPad Mini in your hot little hands and you’re looking to load up on apps for it, you’ve come to the right place! Here at AppShopper, we offer a directory of all apps available in the US App Store (including Mac apps) plus a fantastic Wish List feature to… Read more »

A Quick Update on iPhone 5 Support in the Official AppShopper App

The iPhone 5 has been out for a little over a month now and developers have been updating their apps to add compatibility with this device’s larger screen ever since. We here at AppShopper are also trying to update our own official app but it’s taking a little more time than expected due to some… Read more »

Alternatives to Apple’s Maps App in iOS 6

The Maps app in iOS 6 has been lambasted pretty thoroughly even in the short time it’s been available to the public for laughably incorrect data (check out this collection of screenshots for a good chuckle) to a simple lack of useful information compared to its predecessor. Though I’m not a betting woman, I’d still… Read more »

Getting Started With Your New iPhone 5

iPhone 5 release day is here! If you’re waiting in line at a store or at home and anxiously listening for the telltale sounds of a delivery truck to get your new iPhone, we’ve got some tips and links to help you get started using your sleek new smartphone and get familiar with AppShopper and… Read more »