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I would like to inform you that since your latest website update – the scrolling view of the thumbnails for the app is not working properly (Safari Mac Yosemite). When I click next the thumbnail will jump to after the next view instead of the next view.

Further I could not access My Wishlist view with my iPad or iPhone devices even after entering my correct Email/username and password. This already happened all the time even before your lastest website update.

Hope you can correct these. Looking forward to your reply which I hope to be using your app accordingly.
Thank you.

Best regards,


Your format redesign of a few weeks ago does provide a fresher look, more in-line with iOS 8. It is also faster when linking out to the App Store. Thanks for making available both the web and app versions of this capability. But there are two things I strongly dislike about the new design.

1. For iPhone list view, your removed the Own and Want buttons and status. Now they show only after opening app details when they used to show in the main list. They are still present in the MacOS Browser list view. Please return these two radio buttons to the App listing view so I know if a listed app is one I already own or have wish-listed. Please don’t remove any information — even rather small buttons with just “O” and “W” labels would be great.

2. Browser view on iPhone doesn’t remember login status as well as it used to. Just going to App Store and returning to Safari often logs me out, even after checking “remember me” at login. Something has changed in login cookie handling. (I used to prefer browser view

Michelle Fuller

I put in my password and now my app says there is a lock due to error I entered my correct password so not sure why this happened please fix this

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