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I would like to inform you that since your latest website update – the scrolling view of the thumbnails for the app is not working properly (Safari Mac Yosemite). When I click next the thumbnail will jump to after the next view instead of the next view.

Further I could not access My Wishlist view with my iPad or iPhone devices even after entering my correct Email/username and password. This already happened all the time even before your lastest website update.

Hope you can correct these. Looking forward to your reply which I hope to be using your app accordingly.
Thank you.

Best regards,


Your format redesign of a few weeks ago does provide a fresher look, more in-line with iOS 8. It is also faster when linking out to the App Store. Thanks for making available both the web and app versions of this capability. But there are two things I strongly dislike about the new design.

1. For iPhone list view, your removed the Own and Want buttons and status. Now they show only after opening app details when they used to show in the main list. They are still present in the MacOS Browser list view. Please return these two radio buttons to the App listing view so I know if a listed app is one I already own or have wish-listed. Please don’t remove any information — even rather small buttons with just “O” and “W” labels would be great.

2. Browser view on iPhone doesn’t remember login status as well as it used to. Just going to App Store and returning to Safari often logs me out, even after checking “remember me” at login. Something has changed in login cookie handling. (I used to prefer browser view

Michelle Fuller

I put in my password and now my app says there is a lock due to error I entered my correct password so not sure why this happened please fix this



bandit one

I need a app that will work on my Lumina 640 made by Microsoft,
That will run my camera on my drone Striker , it needs StrikerFPV app that’s
Compatible with this phone ,


Hi when going to your site using the safari in my iPhone the prices of the app is in pounds. How to change this to USD? When I use my macbook the prices are in USD.


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Hernán Precht Bañados

I’ve seen 8 apps for mac for FREE. When I went to applestore, they were charging for each and one of them.
I have the screenshot, and want to have them as advertised.

Hernán Precht Bañados

Hernán Precht Bañados

I have seen today a lot of apps for MAC advertiste for FREE.
When I’ve tried to buy them, there is a cost to be paid.
I want to buy them as I have seen them, and I’ve got the Screenshot.

Best Regards


Shame that the app is not updated anymore for latest iOS 🙁 Just a little makeover with iOS 10 look and 64 bit support.

Dave Nathanson

Hi, I love the old AppShopper app. Not even the “Social” version, but the old old AppShopper. I use it all the time because it is so much faster & more reliable than the iOS App Store itself is. PLEASE update it to be 64 bit. No need to change anything else, but I want to continue being able to use it going forward with iOS. I updated to iOS 10 this week, and iOS warned me that using your app could slow down my iPhone 6S. Ha! They have a lot of nerve to say that when searching the iOS App Store is so effing slow.
Please read this –


Rob Stone

I’ve been getting a pop up from iOS saying this app needs to be updated or it will not work with future iOS.
I see the app hasn’t been updated since 2014. Any thoughts on update ?



I just updated my review on the App Store….

2 years after my last review in 2015 and still no update. Has App Shopper been abandoned? The algorithms are still running somewhere, and someone is still no doubt making affiliate money from my purchases, but they really need to get this app updated before it stops working. iOS 10 keeps warning me that the dev needs to update the app as it won’t work in a future iOS version!!!!
Sorry, but I’m going to have to drop my rating to 3 stars 🙁

=== ORIGINAL 2015 REVIEW ===
Very useful service, but UI looks very dated. Could do with some additional features… I’d like –
* Mac apps wish list (available on the website), but not in the app.
* iTunes content wish list (movies, etc.)


I want that you update this app because it’s not be longer available with iOS 11

Gary Mulholland

I’d also like to ask if this app can be updated to 64-bit for iOS 11. I’ve been using AppShopper every day (literally!) for years and love it…..I’ve bought many apps based on my daily AppShopper feed.

Koral avitan

The app of thieves, do not download!
I downloaded the application and it was recorded that the first three days were free but when I went into my bank account I found that I was charged NIS 564.80. That we would not even mention that I did not use it and deleted it right after the download so that it would not cost me money. I very much hope that the people behind me are enough to give back my money and restore order and if I do not start legal proceedings

Koral avitan

They stole money from me, did not download the app !!!!


I can’t login to my email from the application

Khaled Barguellil


I do use your app a lot and since I have updated my iPhone to iOS 11, the app could not open anymore.
So please release a new update !
Thanks in advance


Should we all delete this app since it no longer works with iOS ?

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