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DropBox Comes to iPad

The app for DropBox, a popular online file storage, sharing, and backup service, hit the App Store yesterday in universal format, adding compatibility with the iPad. In addition to offering on-the-go access to files stored in a DropBox account, the updated app also takes advantage of the iPad’s file sharing feature, allowing users to export… Read more »

iPad & iPhone & Selected Category Filtered RSS Feeds

In keeping with the expansion of the What’s New filtering, we’ve updated the RSS feeds to match. Most noticeably, you’ll find iPhone/iPad filtering enabled! You’ll also find that logged in users will get a personal feed url when clicking any of the RSS links at the top of the page. Thus the feeds only include… Read more »

New Category Filtering Feature

Many of you have asked, so we are pleased to announce the new category filtering for the What’s New page. Visit your profile page (free site registration required) to select the categories you wish to be displayed. By default all are shown. Uncheck categories who’s Apps you wish to exclude. The above example shows how… Read more »

Introducing “Popular” App Activity

You’ll notice the front page ( brings you to the What’s New tab switched to the “Popular” view by default.  This list represents a boiled-down view of the Apps that receive the most interesting amount of activity on You can, of course, still view the exhaustive “All” App activity list by switching over using… Read more »

Introducing Top 200 By Category

Introducing the new Top 200 App listings!  These lists replace the former Top 100 and may now be filtered by category and top paid / top free / top grossing Apps.

Sortable Search, Top 100

Search results are now sortable by relevance, price, update, and rating.  Note: relevance is only shown in most to least relevant order.  Other sort options may be sorted either way. Top 100 lists are now sortable either way by top 100 position, change, peak, rating, and price. Chris