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Known Issue: Mac App Screenshots Missing

If you’ve been browsing through the offerings in the Mac App Store on AppShopper, you may have noticed that screenshots are not visible in the individual app listings. We obtain all of the app information shown on AppShopper directly from Apple and these screenshots are missing from the feed provided by Apple for some unknown… Read more »

AppShopper Update: iTunes App Ratings Return

A few months ago, we had to make some changes to the iOS app information shown on AppShopper to comply with Apple’s policy on pulling information from the App Store. At that time, Apple’s policy specified that certain information, including app ratings, could not be pulled from the App Store and this feature was removed… Read more »

AppShopper Update: App Change Information Returns

A few months ago, we had to make some changes to the iOS app information shown on AppShopper to comply with Apple’s policy on pulling information from the App Store. A side effect of that effort was the loss of the “What’s New” data indicating the changes in the last update in each app listing…. Read more »

New on AppShopper: Mac OS Apps

We’re happy to announce that Mac OS applications in the Mac App Store that launched earlier this month are now included on AppShopper. As with iOS apps, you can now browse and track Mac apps on AppShopper, including adding them to your Wish List and receiving email notifications of price drops and updates. A new… Read more »

Mac App Store Support Coming Soon

Apple launched the Mac App Store last week. It seeks to replicate the massive success of the iOS App Store with Apple’s desktop machines. The Mac App Store carries a very similar structure to the iOS App Store, so it should come as no surprise that we are planning on supporting it here on AppShopper…. Read more »

AppShopper Importer Tools for Mac and Windows Available

Yesterday we noted some recent changes to the AppShopper site and we wanted to highlight a free tool to help you keep track of your current apps. Importer applications for both Mac and Windows users are available – the Importer will pull the complete list of apps you already own from iTunes on your computer… Read more »

Some Changes to AppShopper (Ratings, What’s New)

Regular users of the site may have noticed some changes to the site over the past day or so. Unfortunately, we’ve have to remove a couple of features from the site. – App listings presently have no App Store “rating” associated with them. – “What’s New” text is no longer available for updates. The lack… Read more »

Official AppShopper App Updated

The official AppShopper app has been updated with a several new features, including the ability to remove ads via an in-app purchase, iOS 4.2 compatbility and more. Our official app was first released in September and received its last update adding push notifications just last month. The universal app allows you to browse all of… Read more »

Apple Providing Live Video Stream of Today’s ‘Back to the Mac’ Event

Apple is hosting a media event today at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time / 1:00 p.m. Eastern time at its Cupertino, California headquarters. The event is titled “Back to the Mac” and mulitple product announcements are expected, including the introduction of the next version of the Mac OS, a significantly revised MacBook Air, an updated iLife… Read more »

Blocking Non-Western Language Apps on AppShopper

The App Store is a massive international phenomenon, and attracts Apps from all different languages. While Apple provides regional App Stores for different countries, the U.S. store still attracts a wide range of languages. One frequent request we have received is the ability to block specific languages from the AppShopper lists. Language detection can be… Read more »