Fantastical 2 for iPad Now Available

fantastical-2-ipad-iconFlexibits has released a version of its gorgeous and highly functional calendar app for iPad. Fantastical 2 for iPad debuted in the App Store this morning and offers the same natural language event creation feature that debuted in the Mac version plus the ability to display a month, list, and “day ticker” view all at once on the tablet’s larger screen.

Compared to the iPad’s stock Calendar app, Fantastical lets you see so much more at once in portrait or landscape mode. It even offers Reminders integration so you can create and edit Reminders and and see Reminders with due dates in any of the available views.

Here’s a promo video showing Fantastical 2 for iPad in action:

As shown in the promo video, scrolling through any of the elements in the Dashboard advances the other views as well, so you can quickly get a snapshot of an entire week when you select a specific day or list item. To create events, you can simply type (or dictate, if you have a dictation-compatible iPad) something like “Lunch with mom on Saturday” and Fantastical will create an event titled “Lunch with mom” at noon on the upcoming Saturday.

The Mac version of Fantastical first debuted in 2011 and it quickly became my preferred way to create and view events on my Mac. The iPhone version was released in late 2012 and it prompted me to move the stock Calendar app to a folder buried on a seldom-visited home page on every iPhone I’ve owned since it became available. Since then, Fantastical for iPhone and Mac has only gotten better and I’m thrilled to have it on my iPad now. If you’re looking for a highly functional and easy-to-use app to manage your calendar and reminders on your iPad, I highly recommend Fantastical. It’s on sale now at a special introductory price of $9.99 and will go up to its regular price of $14.99 soon, so go get it now before the price goes up!


Fantastical 2 for iPad

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Fantastical 2 is the award-winning calendar app with features such as natural language parsing, reminders, a beautiful week view, and much more! With the convenient Fantastical Dashboard, you’ll...



Multiple ticker size and ability to see the ticker when creating the event separates the iPad version from iPhone version. Having said that, I can’t help but feel that $10-15 is a lot for this app (and I have purchased all 3 versions). But I use these apps almost daily so I am probably getting my money’s worth.


Nice app, but I don’t plan to buy it for my iPad based on price. Most of my Calendar use in on my Mac or iPhone, not the iPad. To paraphrase Phil, I wouldn’t be getting my money’s worth.

Usually, when I buy apps, it’s utility 1st and pricing 2nd. Sometimes this logic goes out the window for entertainment apps.



John Holmes

Don’t you just love all these supposed comments which are really just spam. What is the point in allowing people to post a website link? All it does is encourage abuse (although it also makes it look, to the casual reader, like people are actually engaging with your site).

Amy Richards

Flexibits is probably the most futureproof of anything ever launched. As much as it pains me to use the word futureproof, if you are one of those people who likes to hold onto their device for a while — Flexibits is simply best!


I purchased the Mac and iPhone apps yet I don’t feel the need to spend the asking price on an iPad version as well. There are plenty of calendar apps available which may not be quite as aesthetically pleasing as Fantastical, but they function as well as calendar apps go with the added bonus of being cheaper or free. Sunrise is a great alternative to the stock calendar app IMO, plus its free. I will wait on this one.

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