‘Clear’ Makes Its Way to iPad

Clear for iOS 7 IconRealmac Software has released a universal version of Clear, its lists app that first debuted for iPhone in early 2012, followed by a Mac version six months later. The new universal version of Clear has been redesigned for i0S 7 and includes some unique features for the iPad’s larger screen.

Clear features an icon, fonts, and interface aligned with iOS 7’s flatter style while still keeping the gestural navigation goodness it’s had from day one. On the iPad, the larger screen allows list names and their contents to be shown at the same time and you can drag and drop items from one list to another or even peek at the contents of another list by pulling down on the list name with two fingers.

Clear remains one of my favorite apps for shopping and to do lists and holds prime, front page real estate on my iPhone (and now on my iPad). If you’re looking for a full-on tasks lists with reminders, the ability to tag list items, sort them automatically, or other fancy stuff, you should look elsewhere. Clear is all about simplicity and straightforwardness in letting you create and edit lists quickly through a gorgeous interface.

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The iPhone-only version of Clear is still in the App Store and costs $.99 so if you don’t have an iPad and don’t see one in your immediate future, it should do you just fine. If you have an iPad, I recommend you pony up the $2.99 for the new version since Clear handily uses iCloud to synchronize everything between all of your devices and it’s so nice to access your lists no matter what device you’re using at the moment. If you purchased Clear for iPhone previously, you may be feeling a little betrayed by the appearance of this separate app that you have to buy again but Realmac put a lot of work into it and it’s worth it (and probably less than your morning coffee, to boot).


Clear+ Tasks & To-Do List

Last Changed: 57 months ago
Rating: 1.50 (11)
Version: 1.0.6
iOS Universal

“Clear is quick, simple, intuitive, and perfect for busy people” — Gizmodo “If you’re regularly turning to a simple to-do list app… Clear is definitely going to wow you.” —...



8 month to build same app? and user will paid again?
bye realmac. a company that make ordinary app with extraordinary marketing.

Paris Lei

Absolutely agree Eka-X. I think realmac should offer some discount for the old user, or simply make it free for a limited time (say three days or one week) for the old user to upgrade it. Otherwise, I will say goodbye to realmac as well.


Hmmm, they could’ve easily avoided this by turning it into a universal app (instead of offering a separate iPad version) – people that already owned Clear for their iPhones would’ve had a free upgrade to it (we helped make it popular and gave them enough business for them to see it would be a worthwhile effort to develop it for the iPad) but they could’ve raised the price on it for new users, getting more from people new to the app. That’s how you keep a current customer (always the best customer to have).

For what it’s worth it has a fun UI but has giant holes in functionality. I used it a lot for a week, that’s how I discovered how much it lacked. It’s just taking up space on both my phone and computer. If you like pretty, go for it. While it’s easy to use, it really doesn’t do much. It’s like a car that never ever breaks down but can’t go far.


This way to (not) handle service for iPhone supporters of previous version is a real slap. Turkeys.

Tinu Tapori

They could have made it universal, charging users again for an iPad version is just plain greed. Matter of fact, any developer following this type of practice should be boycotted. If they don’t get your money, they will eventually have to do what you want.

Tinu Tapori

**Universal version for people who have already bought the previous version.


Your IOS app no longer works as of 9/22/2013. I am getting a message “Cannot Connect to AppShopper You must connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network to access AppShopper”.

However, it doesnt work on my connected Wi-Fi NOR on my LTE cellular while every other app on my phone works perfectly fine. I get all of my emails, notifications, text messages and so forth. Only AppShopper is down.



I’m jumping on this bandwagon too – I have the iPhone and Mac versions. I object to paying yet again for the iPad version. I’ll be deleting them both if I can’t get the iPad version free – there’s plenty of other options out there.


Q (kyoo) is a much better alternative. Same gesture based interface, but with a full feature set in a much more elegant user interface. It was developed based on Clear, Any.DO and 2Do so combines the best of all three.


While that interface may have worked on a smaller device, on the iPad it’s lame. I’m not a fan of the iPhone version; rarely use it. Maybe when my vision starts going. On the iPad it’s like a calendar for five year olds.


Make an update to the current app, which re-directs to a discounted upgrade to the future version. Simple, easy and will entice current users to actully upgrade.


I personally use 2Do. One version does both devices. bought the desktop version. It can be in-depth or simple if you want.

I understand developers need to make a living, but having what sounds to be the same version at the same cost is an app rip-off.

If they do that, they should inform their users and have a few days of 50% off to give their dedicated user base a discount.

A good way to boost marketing as well by having a sale.

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