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Apple Announces iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

by Marianne Schultz

As expected, Apple announced new iPhone models at its media event, revealing the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5s is the successor to the current iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c is a new, lower-cost model with a plastic housing and feature set similar to the existing iPhone 5.


The iPhone 5s looks almost identical to the current iPhone 5 but has a new, faster 64-bit A7 processor and a motion coprocessor, dubbed the M7, that can track motion continuously while requiring less power than main A7 processor. The most significant new feature in the iPhone 5s is Touch ID, which includes a capacitive fingerprint sensor built into the home button that can be used to unlock an iPhone or authorize iTunes purchases. The iPhone 5s also has an improved camera with a larger sensor, a new burst mode, and the ability to capture HD (720p) slow-motion video.


The lower-cost iPhone 5c will have a 4-inch Retina display and come in blue, green, white, blue, red, and yellow with a hard-coated polycarbonate back and a reinforced steel frame inside. It will have an A6 processor and features an 8-megapixel camera sensor on the rear and a new FaceTime HD camera on the front.

The iPhone 5c can be pre-ordered starting on September 13 and will cost $99 for the 16 GB models and $199 for the 32 GB models with a 2-year contract. The iPhone 5s will be available in silver, gold, or space gray and will cost $199, $299, and $399 with a 2-year contract for the 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB models, respectively. Oddly, the iPhone 5S cannot be pre-ordered and will be available in stores and available for order online starting on September 20.

Do you plan to get a new iPhone 5s or 5c? Right now I’m planning on getting a 64 GB space gray iPhone 5s and it’s looking like I’ll have to get up very early on September 20 to go stand in line to get one.


  1. Andreas

    I would love to get the new one, but am perfectly fine with my iPhone 5. Would definitely say that anyone with 4s or older should go for the the new one, but I’ll be waiting. Depending on the condition of my phone I might even wait for a 6s/7 . Exciting stuff though, and super cool with the Touch ID!

  2. John

    I got my iPhone 3GS right about start of the iPhone 4S launch as a free phone on my contract. I’ve still got 6 months on it but I am looking forward to picking up the iPhone 5S.
    Until then my iPod Touch 5 will have to pull the weight of doing almost everything my iphone wants to do.

  3. Dan

    I’s be stupid to get a 5S with no improvements whatsoever. A7? yeah right. Fingerprint for NSA and Homeland to keep an eye on you. I’m waiting for the iPhone 6 just like everybody else.

  4. rekz

    Have had an iPhone 4 16gig for awhile now. Wife has iPhone 5. Very aware of the differences! Maybe I should wait for the iPhone 6, but in the meantime, I don’t have Siri, and all apps are slowing down — even surfing the web is slower on my phone. Typing on iPhone 4 sometimes has delays/lags.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I had an iPhone 3 for ages — and the slowness there was really an impediment. iPhone 4 is a huge improvement, and from what I can tell, iPhone 5 (and now 5S) are 2x faster (at least) than the 4.

    Think I’ll be getting the 5S. Don’t give a rat’s ass about fingerprint reading, but biometrics is real and going to be more frequent.
    Surprised we don’t already have facial recognition for phones — if someone that’s not you looks at phone, could blank the screen. Etc.

    I don’t worry about NSA — if they don’t have my fingerprints, Soc Sec #, and all my accounts by now — what’s to stop them? Doesn’t seem like Apple’s fault there.

  5. leader1987

    I wish they announces the new iPad Mini and new iPod Touch =(

  6. Doctor

    “lower cost” 5c: Expected retail price $750,- (no contract). This is cheap for European Commission members only …

  7. CDawg

    I have a 4S and plan to upgrade to the 5S. It’s a worthy upgrade from a 4S, but if I had a 5, I’d probably wait for the 6.


    I got a 3gs for 4 years now. It’s time to upgrade.
    5s will be a great leap for me.
    Then I’ll wait for iPhone 8s :P

  9. CDawg

    Oh, and I plan to switch to TMobile (no contract) from Verizon (2-year contract). For 2 new iPhones in my household over a 24 month period, I’ll save a little over $1,000 with TMobile vs. Verizon, and that’s even with the higher price for TMobile’s unlocked phone. Not to mention the resale value of my new unlocked phone will be higher than Verizon’s iPhone when I ultimately switch in a few years to get the latest and greatest iPhone available then!

  10. JOJO

    Not buying a new iphone UNTIL NFC is installed…I have an iPhone 5, previously 3gs for 3 yrs…if it wasnt for the app store and the one I own, I would get an android just to have NFC and enter “trigger” land!

  11. m4lmx

    I’m perfectly happy with my white iPhone 5….see no need to upgrade though I wanted to….maybe next time! :D

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