12 AUG

‘AppShopper Social’ for iPhone Updated to Show Friends’ App Lists

by Marianne Schultz

appshopper social iconOur own official app here at AppShopper got an update on Friday to fix a few bugs and add a much-requested feature: the ability to view your friends’ app lists. Previously, you could add new friends and see their apps in your Stream but there was no way to separately view the apps of a specific friend. But now you can tap on a friend’s name in the Friends tab and you’ll see the apps he or she already has or has added to their Wish List.

You can apply filters and sort your friends’ lists as well and add any apps to your own Wish List or mark them as owned.

If you add me (my AppShopper user name is Marianne), here’s what my profile looks like:

AS social profile

If you haven’t tried AppShopper Social yet, you can use it to track apps you want to buy and get notified when they go on sale, just like you can here through the AppShopper website. For an overview of how our handy dandy Wish List feature works, read this article.

We’ve got more features and updates planned for AppShopper Social so stay tuned. If you like our app, please consider leaving us a review in the App Store and if you have any technical issues or feature requests, please submit them through this contact form.

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    AppShopper Social lets you share your app interests with your friends and see what apps your friends are interested in. Or add any of your personal AppShopper friends to see their app interests. ...


  1. Phil

    I am still confused as to how friend’s app list works. Does it list apps in both wish list and my apps?

    I want to share only apps that I would recommend, rather than every apps that I own and/or are in the wish list. Until I can do that, I find the whole social aspect be limited to subscribing to AppShopper and MacRumor’s lists.

  2. Todd

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jerry

    When will Appshopper app go universal?

  4. Vladimir

    Do anybody know how “friends list” works?
    I can’t add someone.

  5. sot

    Yes Jerry, when Appshopper will fully supports iPad ?

  6. chris

    We are still waiting for iPad support.
    Please AppShopper team, don’t let us wait.

  7. Adan


  8. Adan

    Give us iPad support…

  9. Prakash

    Wow amazing news, thanks for this news.

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