Apple Announces Mac OS X ‘Mavericks’ With Updated Finder, New iBooks and Maps Apps

At today’s WWDC keynote event, Apple unveiled the next major version of the Mac operating system, Mavericks, which offers over 200 new features including Finder and Safari enhancements and new iBooks and Maps apps.

In Mavericks Finder gets window tabs and tagging capabilities so that you can more easily view, categorize, and search your files. Maps comes to the Mac from iOS, offering search, integration with Mail, Contacts and Calendar, and even turn-by-turn directions which can be sent to an iOS device. During the keynote event, a demonstration showed that directions sent from a Mac to an iPhone will generate a push notification on the iPhone that will immediately take the user to the Maps app to display the directions.

iBooks will be able to access ebook content in the iTunes Store and offers reading features like bookmarks, day/night themes, and access to all of the iBooks content you’ve already purchased.

Keychain moves to iCloud in Mavericks, offering synchronization of passwords between Macs and iOS devices and integration with Safari and other apps to quickly enter saved passwords and credit card information. (The keynote demo was brief but it looks like iCloud Keychain could be a solid competitor to my current favorite password manager, 1Password for Mac and iPhone/iPad.)

With Mavericks, Apple is moving away from the big cat naming convention to focus on California locations. This version of Mac OS gets its name from a popular surfing area in northern California, not far from the company’s Cupertino headquarters.

Mavericks is available as a preview build today to developers and will be available to consumers in the fall though no pricing has been announced yet. You can check out Apple’s own preview site of Mavericks’s new features right here. If the last two versions of Mac OS X are any indication, Mavericks should be priced reasonably around $20. You can still download Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion today if you’d like though you should probably wait until Mavericks is available in a few months at this point.


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small, but nice changes. I really like how apple make small changes that works every time. they dont do that with windows. they always make big changes, and then it doesnt even work. ill stick with apple products

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