‘Facebook’ for iPhone and iPad Gets Chat Heads, Stickers

Earlier this month, Facebook announced a new interface for select Android devoices dubbed ‘Facebook Home’. The interface puts the focus on interactions with your Facebook friends, featuring images and updates from your Facebook stream and the ability to chat from anywhere without needing to open a specific app. Today, Facebook updated its iPhone and iPad app to incorporate some of these new features.

Version 6.0 of Facebook hit the App Store this afternoon. One of the most notable features of Facebook Home is “chat heads,” which are tiny head shots used to represent your friends. On the iPhone and iPad, chat heads pop up when you receive a new message in the Facebook app and they remain on your screen even as you navigate around the app. Tapping on a chat head brings up a chat window over whatever else you’re browsing in the app.

Also new are stickers to spice up your chats with cute images. In the description of what’s new in version 6.0, Facebook notes that both chat heads and stickers will be rolled out to users “over the next few weeks” so don’t get discouraged if you don’t have these new features yet. I downloaded the update today and have the chat heads feature but I don’t see any of the new stickers yet.

If your’e curious about this whole Facebook Home thing, check out Facebook’s promo video embedded below. Note that the video shows Facebook Home on Android devices but it will still give you an idea of how chat heads work.

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