‘Polymer’ for iPhone and iPad Free for a Limited Time

Whitaker Trebella’s Polymer is free for a limited time, down from its regular price of $1.99, as part of TouchArcade’s Free Play program. Polymer debuted in the App Store last year and offers a unique twist on the sliding puzzle genre.

In Polymer you’re presented with a grid of various shapes. Each shape has at least one dot that acts as a connection point where it can be attached to other shapes. To create a finished shape, you must slide columns and rows to put together a shape that has no exposed connection points. A shape with no exposed connection points is a polymer and you then tap on it to remove it from the board, which earns you points. The more pieces a polymer has, the more points you earn.

This probably sounds a bit confusing so here’s the trailer video where you can see how it works:

TouchArcade gave Polymer four stars in its review when it was first released and the game has received several updates since then. Polymer is an unusual puzzle game that can be played in quick bites here and there and it also has the power to draw you in for long sessions to create the biggest, baddest polymer you can make. It’s definitely worth a download now while it’s free (and even at its regular price of $1.99 if you miss this sale).



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Rating: 4.00 (370)
Version: 2.4
iOS Universal

IGN: "Polymer is an exceedingly clever logic puzzler." Touch Arcade: "Polymer is destined to eat a lot of the hours of thoughtful gamers." Pocket Gamer:...

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