‘Twitterrific 5’ for iPhone and iPad Gets Unique Muting Feature

The Iconfactory’s Twitterrific 5 for iPhone and iPad debuted in December (our review), featuring a gorgeous interface that was a complete redesign compared to its predecessor. However, it lacked the ability to mute users, a useful “pro” feature that hides users you don’t want to hear from temporarily. In an update last week, Twitterrific 5 gained this feature with a unique and brilliant twist.

With Tweetbot and other Twitter apps I’ve used, you can easily mute other users. This means that you won’t see any tweets or retweets by those users temporarily or even forever. It’s handy when you’re a little tired of someone’s tweets and just want to not hear from them for a little while. Or for when you really just can’t stand someone or their tweets but unfollowing them would be rude or even unprofessional. When you mute someone in Tweetbot or other apps, their tweets and retweets disappear entirely from your timeline and you have no idea if or when they’ve tweeted at all unless you specifically navigate to their profile and look.

(Yes, you could argue that muting is silly and simply unfollowing someone is the most mature and reasonable option but I’d still bet many people follow at least one friend or family member who is a horrible tweeter that you just don’t have the heart to unfollow or you have a co-worker or client you can’t unfollow without professional repercussions.)

Twitterrific 5 handles muting differently. The Iconfactory calls this feature “muffling” and you can do it to users, hashtags, or domains. The unique thing about muffling is that muffled users, tweets, or domains don’t completely disappear from your timeline – they still appear in a collapsed view so that you know that they’re there but you can still read them if you want by tapping on them, which expands the view.

Here’s a video by The Iconfactory’s Gedeon Maheux showing how muffling works:

I only muffle a couple of people I follow (don’t ask, I’m not telling who or why) and I’ve found it incredibly useful to still see when they tweet or retweet with the option to see their tweets if I want. And when you muffle someone or a hashtag, there’s even a cute shushing sound effect to go with it.

Muffling isn’t the only feature that Twitterrific 5 got in the update to version 5.1 – new image services and a new font, Avenir, also made the cut along with several improvements and bug fixes.

Twitterrific 5 still doesn’t offer push notifications but this is planned for a future update. Yet even without push notifications,Twitterrific 5 is a beautiful and feature-filled Twitter app that’s worthy of your hard-earned money.

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So basically what message boards have been doing for years with ignore lists. I’m not saying it’s not a good feature or a good way to go about it, just that it’s not exactly groundbreaking.

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