Mokriya’s Take on Craigslist for iPhone Debuts

Though more than 60 million people in the US alone use Craigslist every month, the incredibly popular classifieds site does not have its own iPhone app in Apple’s App Store. However, there are at least 50 apps in the App Store that let you access Craigslist on the go and Silicon Valley-based Mokriya has added another selection for your downloading pleasure: Mokriya Craigslist debuted in the App Store this morning.

Mokriya Craigslist is free to download and lets you browse Craigslist ads from around the world. With a $.99 in-app purchase, you can add the ability to post ads, set alerts so you can be notified when something you want is listed, and mark ads as favorites for viewing later.

Mokriya created this overview video that highlights the paid features of the app:

I’ve been using Mokriya Craigslist for a few days now and it’s got a polished and eye-pleasing interface. One of the most useful features is the map view for the housing section, which could make Mokriya Craigslist indispensable to anyone looking for a place to live.

Mokriya is not new to the App Store – the company has previously partnered up with (to create SideCar Ride) and Path (the folks behind the social networking app of the same name). Mokriya Craigslist is another sleek notch in Mokriya’s App Store belt and it’s worth a download if you post ads on Craigslist frequently or like to keep an eye on those Missed Connections posts in case you think you may have passed by your one true love at the grocery store the other day.


Mokriya Mobile App for Craigslist

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NEWLY UPDATED Mokriya Craigslist is the best mobile Craigslist experience, making Craigslist more usable and beautiful while empowering top sellers and shoppers with advanced functionality....



We worked very hard on this app and we’re excited to release. We went through the front door at Craigslist and it’s working out well so far. Great article, Marianne!


I think this is a very nice app – really enjoy the UI. Hopefully there’s plans for an ipad version?


Well designed and clean UI. Not only did I download it but I went ahead and paid the in-app purchase. It is well deserved. I would have paid $2.99 easily! Would you develop for iPad soon?!

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