Tapbots Makes ‘Netbot’ for iPhone and iPad Free

Tapbots, the maker of several popular iOS and Mac apps, has made its App.net client for iOS, Netbot, free in order to “spur adoption” of the budding ad-free social network. The iPhone and iPad versions of the app will remain free for an “unspecified period of time” according to the company’s post on App.net announcing the price drop.

The price drop also coincided with the release of version 1.3, which adds support for private messaging.

App.net was created by entrepreneur and developer Dalton Caldwell. It’s an alternative to Twitter that is promised to remain ad free and flexible for developers. App.net lets users get a bit more verbose than Twitter, allowing 256 characters per post compared to Twitter’s limit of 140 characters. However, App.net isn’t free – you’ll need to shell out $5 per month or $36 per year to use App.net. In addition to posting privileges, an App.net account now comes with 10 GB of storage that can be used by client apps for file storage.

The iPad and iPhone versions of Netbot debuted in October at $4.99 each. Netbot looks exactly like Tweetbot for Twitter though it has a different color scheme and some slightly different functionality to reflect what App.net is capable of. Since it’s a paid service and doesn’t have nearly as many users as Twitter (and it’s uncertain that it ever will), the average person probably isn’t going to be interested in App.net and a client app like Netbot. However, if you prefer a smaller audience for your musings and want to avoid the advertising that Twitter forces on its users, App.net is the way to go and Netbot is definitely an excellent iPhone and iPad client for it.

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Netbot for App.net (iPhone...

Last Changed: 56 months ago
Rating: 4.00 (13)
Version: 1.4.4
iOS iPhone

App.net is your passport to great applications like Netbot. Need an App.net account? Download "App.net Passport" (http://app.net/passport ) for iOS to signup for free. Netbot is a...

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Netbot for App.net (iPad edition)

Last Changed: 56 months ago
Rating: 4.50 (19)
Version: 1.4.4
iOS iPad

App.net is your passport to great applications like Netbot. Need an App.net account? Download "App.net Passport" (http://app.net/passport ) for iOS to signup for free. Netbot is a...



I downloaded the app in case I ever become an App.net member and/or Twitter degenerates even further. Having said that, $36/year is just too much for me to swallow. 99% of the time, I use Twitter simply to follow companies, developers, and news organizations. There should be a pricing tier for users lime myself, say $10/year. And App.net needs to offer trial period for membership.


dear phil, you want to drive a hummer (read iPhone) so stop complaining about the cost of fuel ( read 36/year)


Hey Collector, worst analogy I’ve ever heard. The only way your analogy would work would be if he complained about the cost of running the phone on a mobile network. Which he didn’t.


Better they make Calcbot & Convertbot compatible with iPhone 5 screen…

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