‘Do.one’ for iPhone Reminds You of That One Important Task Each Day

When it comes to task management, I believe simple is better. I’ve tried some of the complex task management approaches and apps out there and while they definitely have their uses, the last thing I need is a system that gives me even more work to do in defining, prioritizing, and categorizing what I need to get done. If you feel the same way and you want to bring a level of focus to one important thing you need to do every day, Luke Freeman’s new¬†Do.one is an app you should check out.

Do.one is a tasks app that lets you specify one important thing you need to do or focus on each day. All you do is enter that item and you can set Do.one to give you a push notification once a day at a time you specify to remind you about it.

Do.one has two views: the note view of a single day or a monthly calendar. In the calendar view, days with items entered are marked with a pink dot. You can enter an item for any date in the future. If you tap on the month name at the top of the calendar view, you’ll see options to jump ahead to any month up to five years in the future. A “Today” button in the bottom left corner will take you to the current day from whatever month or year you’re viewing.

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The settings screen is simple, offering you the option to turn on push notification alerts and set the time they should go off each day. And you can opt to include the text of your note for each day in the push notification alert if you don’t want to open the app to see what you entered.

Do.one is all about focusing on one thing each day. There’s no option to set a repeating item for certain days of the week, so if you were looking for an app to remind you take out the trash every Wednesday night, you’ll be better served by the built-in Reminders app or something like Due or Beep Me.

I really like the idea of Do.one and how it can help you focus on what’s really important, which can go beyond plain old tasks you do regularly to more conceptual or personal things like reminding you to take a break from work to spend time with your kids or writing a chapter in your novel on a day when you know you’ll have some free time.

I do wish Do.one had a little more flexibility with the alert times to allow setting a different time for weekdays versus weekend days or even the ability to set a different alert time for every day of the week. And I have to admit that I can’t stand the default iOS system tri-tone alert sound that Do.one makes use of and I’d much rather be able to choose a more distinct alert myself.

Other than this, Do.one is a pretty, straightforward app that offers you an easy way to pare down the frenzy of your day-to-day life by encouraging you to focus on just one thing every day. If you’ve been looking for a tasks app that offers this kind of simplicity and focus, Do.one is a good purchase at just $.99.



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Do.one is not about making lists, it's about what's important. Do.one allows you to enter one thing per day. That one important, "I can't forget to do this, no matter what" thing...

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