18 DEC

Notable New Apps and Updates: Capture for YouTube, Letterpress, Navigon, StreetPilot

by Marianne Schultz

Apple will be closing down the App Store for the holidays soon and app developers are clearly working hard to push out updates and new apps before then. In particular, Google hasn’t been resting on its laurels following the release of Google Maps last week (which was downloaded over 10 million times in its first two days in the App Store, in case you were wondering how popular it is) and has released Capture, an app for YouTube that lets you easily record, edit, and upload and share your videos. Capture hit the App Store yesterday and is free to download.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/photography/youtube-capture”]

Letterpress, the word game released by Tweetie developer Loren Brichter that debuted in the App Store in October, has received a major update that adds a neat new feature: the ability to share replays of your finished games on the web. You can seen an example here.

I always get a kick out of developers who get creative with the description of what’s changed in an update and Brichter managed to make me laugh out loud with his for version 1.2:

  • Share Replays! Now you can tweet, post, email or just hoard links to your games and show off yer skillz! (Requires iOS 6)
  • CHRISTMAS is a proper noun. It’s not allowed. Bah humbug.
  • Loads of little tweaks.
  • Improved dictionary.
  • Handle orientation changes on iPad better.
  • Clarified the “prefix” rule in the How To Play. Apparently the word “prefix” means something different to programmers and grammar geeks! The rule is actually really simple; it has nothing to do with roots, stems, definitions, moon cycles, or Latin derivations. It boils down to: no words found at the beginning of a previously played word. Easy.
  • People read these. Neat. If I were smart I’d monetize all over your eyeballs.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/games/letterpress-–-word-game”]

Garmin’s Navigon and StreetPilot navigation apps received an update today that adds iCloud synchronization to keep your favorites in sync across multiple devices and Foursquare and Glympse integration. Glympse is a location sharing service through which you can share your current location with anyone via email or text message for a period of time you specify. There’s a free Glympse app in the App Store if you want to check it out separately.

The Navigon and StreetPilot apps are also on sale now for 25% off their regular prices through January 7. Garmin has dropped prices lower than this in the past though usually only around Black Friday after Thanksgiving. If you really want to save a few more bucks you’ll probably need to wait until next November. Otherwise, go ahead and get them now before the prices go back up on January 7.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/navigation/mobilenavigator-north-america, http://appshopper.com/navigation/garmin-n-america”]

For a list of all of Garmin’s StreetPilot apps, click here. For a list of all of Garmin’s Navigon apps, click here.

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  1. Adams Immersive

    I do like Navigon—they have some cheap GPS apps that are (slightly) limited in geographic area but excellent in terms of features, and they don’t need an Internet connection to work—not even to pre-cache! Great for a rural trip.

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