PSA: Get a Free Postcard Through ‘Over’ for iPhone on December 9

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousands words but sometimes a picture needs a few words of its own. For these situations, Potluck’s Over is an excellent choice to add text to your photos, offering multiple font options and simple editing tools to enhance your pictures. And this weekend, Over is partnering with Simplify to let users send a free postcard anywhere in the world on Sunday, December 9.

To take advantage of this special offer, you’ll need the Over app. On Sunday, create a postcard in the app using one of your own pictures or one of the stock photos available in the app for free, add your text, and then choose Postcard in the Share menu. You’ll then be walked through all of the steps to create your postcard and use Simplify to print and mail it (you’ll need to create a Simplify account if you don’t already have one). On December 9, you’ll get free credits so that the first postcard you send on that day will be free.

This free postcard offer is valid only on December 9 and works for one postcard. Mark your calendars now if you want to take advantage of it and don’t forget to buy Over first. If you’re curious about what Over can do, check out the Over Instagram account to see some of the best pictures submitted by users.


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Photogene lets you write text over top of pictures, and it’s cheaper.

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