Butterball Brings You Thanksgiving Recipes Galore in ‘Butterball Cookbook Plus’

Are you gearing up to cook a Thanksgiving feast and need some recipes to add to your kitchen repertoire? Or are you looking for a fancy new dish to impress those in-laws? Whatever the case, Butterball (yes, that fine purveyor of turkeys and other poultry products) has your back with Butterball Cookbook Plus for iPad and iPhone.

Butterball Cookbook Plus has 250 recipes to guide your preparation of bite-sized appetizers to a whole turkey all the way through to dessert. You can also download new virtual recipe bundles every month for free or purchase new recipe packs through the app’s virtual store.

Butterball Cookbook Plus comes from the same developers who brought you iCookbook Plus, and that means it includes an excellent feature that can be super handy while you’re putting your cooking skills to the test: voice commands. You can enable the voice command function while looking at any recipe and then simply say “next” to go to the next page of the recipe, “back” to go back a page, and other commands to control the app’s timer functions and scroll up and down through ingredients lists. I don’t know about you, but I am one messy cook and the ability to avoid touching my iPad to turn virtual pages while I have assorted foodstuffs all over my hands is a total bonus.

Beyond the voice command feature, Butterball Cookbook Plus can also generate a shopping list for you based on the recipes you select, hold on to your favorites in your own virtual recipe box, and even plan an entire meal by marking several recipes at once with the Meal Builder feature.

Butterball Cookbook Plus hit the App Store late last month and costs $4.99. It’s definitely a good purchase to give you some new ideas for holiday meals. Or to keep you from embarrassing yourself in front of your mother-in-law with a green bean casserole dish that didn’t taste quite right and may or may not have made some dinner guests sick. Not that I’d know anything about that personally. That totally happened to a, um, friend of mine. Yeah. That’s it.

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Debby Brito

Love your turkey. Hate your website. Used to be able to find recipes easily. Now it all apps for my smart phone which I neither have nor want.

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