‘App Map’ Shows You Apps Being Used Nearby and Around the World

While I think that we’re one of the best ways to discover new apps right here at AppShopper, I can admit that there are other perfectly good methods, even though it pains me a little to do so. One such method comes in the form of — you guessed it — an app, namely App Map by developer Ben Guild.

App Map takes a location-based approach to app discovery, showing you the most popular apps being used in your area or anywhere in the world. This app use by location is shown on the first two tabs in App Map while the third tab is where you can match the apps you have on your iPhone with those in the App Store to help improve App Map‘s database. App Map can’t get the details on the apps you’ve used recently directly from those apps, so some manual matching is needed to accurately identify them.

App Map pulls its information from other users of the app, so as more people use App Map, the more results it will yield. This is the single largest limitation of App Map as a robust app discovery tool. If you’re the only one using App Map in your area, it won’t give you anything useful in the Nearby tab and you’ll need to just focus on the Popular tab to show you worldwide information.

App Map promises that none of your private data can be accessed and that it uses a location services mode that shouldn’t negatively affect your iPhone’s battery life. App Map is free to download and though Guild wouldn’t confirm it when asked, we’d guess that it makes money through referral fees when you purchase apps linked in the app through an official iTunes Store affiliate program, which is the same way we earn money here at AppShopper.

App Map hit the App Store last month and recently got an update that added compatibility for the iPhone 5’s larger screen. It’s kind of neat to check out what apps are being used near you and around the world (at least among other App Map users) so check it out if you’re looking for a new way to find apps.

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••••• A new kind of App discovery tool! App Map shows you what Apps others use most on their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Using GPS (Location Services, not the full-GPS that drains...