‘Shatoetry’ Puts William Shatner and a Little Bit of Crazy in Your Pocket

I have a thing for William Shatner. Not *that* sort of thing. It’s just that I grew up watching reruns of Star Trek thanks to my dad and I learned early on that captains of space ships could be handsome, brash, and intensely emotional. And that many female aliens apparently had compatible lady parts to make hooking up with such brash space explorers feasible and enjoyable.

All that aside, William Shatner is still a character even when he’s not in character and you can now enjoy his own particular brand of crazy at your leisure on your iPhone thanks to Shatoetry, an app that lets you cobble together words into any combination your heart desires to be read aloud in his voice.

Once you get through all of the tutorial screens, you’re presented with a blank slate (featuring his Awesomeness, William Shatner, in a background image) along with words at the bottom that you can drag and drop to create the “Shatoetry” (a mash-up of “Shatner” and “poetry”) that you want to hear read in his voice. The More Words button swaps out the existing words for a new set and you can search for additional words using the More button. Once you’ve crafted your masterpiece, you can hear it in all its Shatnerized glory by tapping on the Shat that! button (and giggle a little at this understandable yet unexpected usage of “shat”).

You can save your creation to your iPhone’s photo album or share it through email, Facebook, or Twitter, or upload it directly to YouTube. Here’s one I created this morning in a pre-coffee haze of semi-wakefulness:

Shatoetry debuted in the App Store last week and costs $2.99. It requires iOS 4.3 or later and is optimized for the iPhone 5’s larger screen. I don’t normally cover apps from the Entertainment category like this since they offer little usefulness in the long run but if you’re at all a fan of William Shatner, Shatoetry will at least give you a few laughs.



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Great idea…….but we need one for Christopher Walken as well……both He and Shatner have such distinct, recognizable dialects……..I won’t fork out the cash for Shatner, but I would for Walken !!! I’m just sayin’ ………..

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