Apple Invites Press to October 23 Media Event

Image courtesy of The Loop

The Loop reports that Apple has sent out invitations for a media event to take place on October 23 at 10:00 am Pacific Time at the California Theater in San Jose, California.

Apple is widely expected to announce a smaller iPad, dubbed the iPad mini by the press so far, at this event. A strong focus on iBooks is also expected according to a report from The Next Web. If Apple does release a smaller iPad with a 7-inch screen, it will compete directly with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and tablets made by Samsung, Google, and others.

An updated 13-inch MacBook Pro with a retina display to complement the 15-inch model that debuted earlier this year may also be on the docket for this media event based on a report from 9to5Mac.

I’m hoping for an iPad mini, which I think could easily replace my current iPad 3 that I’m finding just a little too large and heavy for the amount of ebook reading I use it for. I also wouldn’t mind a version of the iPad that’s a bit more portable –– I rarely lug my iPad with me out of the house unless I’m going on a trip that will last more than a day. What are you hoping to see out of this event?



I don’t see a 7″ or 8″ device being small enough to make a difference for me to want to bring it with me more so than the 10″ tablets. Anything over phone size is just not convenient to lug around but I do anyway to most places(Just not stores, restaurants, etc).


Hopefully they fixed most of the bugs in iOS 6.0, some are very annoying.


Perfect timing for the season – the real Apple TV – 60″ with built-in server smarts to manage the front room and easily link to other devices managing all content. Common Santa Tim!


A true “smart tv” rather than this little apple tv box I use. Its OK but Apple can do so much more with television. Time to turn the cable industry upside down. They deserve a little disruption.

Looking for hints to a next generation iPad as well …

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