Make Coffee with Your iPhone and the Scanomat TopBrewer

You can now add the ability to make coffee to the list of Real Things you can do with your iPhone beyond controlling the temperature in your home, checking your blood glucose level, and monitoring the temperature of your grill. Scanomat, the Danish purveyor of fine coffee brewers, has released a companion iPhone app that will control its TopBrewer tabletop coffee brewer so you can order up a perfect cappuccino while you’re in Bluetooth range.

With the Scanomat app you can finally brew coffee directly from your iPhone. Our latest product, the beautifully elegant TopBrewer, offers an innovative way of choosing your favourite beverage. No keyboard is needed as you control the TopBrewer wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad. Our video on YouTube has been seen by almost a million viewers and we are very satisfied by the response we have received so far on the product. ” says CEO of Scanomat Kim Vibe-Petersen.

Scanomat created a demo video to show off the TopBrewer, featuring the iPhone app very briefly at about 0:15 in:

The TopBrewer app is free and works with the iPhone 3GS and later, 3rd-generation iPod touch and later, and all iPad models. It requires iOS 5.0 or higher and has been optimized for the iPhone 5’s 4-inch display. In order to even use the app, you’ll need a TopBrewer to go with it, of course. The TopBrewer will be available first in Europe and the Middle East and then in the US within a few months. Pricing has not yet been announced but you can expect it to cost more than just about any other home coffee brewer you can find.

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"Like a caffeinated iceberg, the majority of the TopBrewer is beneath the surface. it is the ultimate coffee machine for the minimal denialist" - Wired Magazine The TopBrewer is...



With my iPhone I can:
– Turn on/off my outdoor rope lights
– Turn on/off my whole house fan
– Open/close my garage door
– Control the A/C and heater
– Lock/unlock my front door and side door

Now if someone would develop an app so I could flush the toilet from my iPhone and control the toaster…


If only buying the TopBrewer itself was easy. Finding even a price tag is an exercise of futility.


I don’t personally own an Iphone, but I might buy one soon after reading this. I like Coffee.


It’s $15K! At that price they should give you a bundled free iPhone 5s!
I would pay $5k for it. Not more.

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