Quickipedia Offers Streamlined Wikipedia Access on the Mac

Although Wikipedia doesn’t come close to Encyclopaedia Brittanica accuracy and reliability levels, it can still be a good place to start when kicking off research for a school project or to satisfy a need to delve into the traits of fainting goats to break the monotony of work. Of course you can browse Wikipedia freely and easily through any web browser but developer Arvindh Sukumar’s Quickipedia offers a more streamlined (and more covert, for those of you with observant bosses or co-workers) way to browse the Free Encyclopedia in a stand-alone app on your Mac.

Quickipedia is a lightweight Mac app that provides access to five language editions of Wikipedia: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. You can get to it via a shortcut button that lives in your Mac’s menu bar or by a keyboard shortcut that you designate and save in the app’s Preferences menu. Its interface is a single window with a search field in the top right corner and navigation buttons at the top to quickly go backward and forward through articles you’ve browsed and jump to sections in the current article you’re viewing.

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Plus and minus buttons in the bottom left corner let you adjust text size and a random page button in the bottom right will show you a random entry in Wikipedia to assist you in quenching your thirst for arbitrary bits of knowledge.

Instapaper and Pocket integration are also on the list of Quickipedia’s features so you can save articles for perusing later using your preferred read-it-later service.

One of the more handy features of Quickipedia is its integration with Mac OS X that allows you to look up any word in any app in Wikipedia through the Services contextual menu (accessed via right-clicking or pressing the Control button while clicking), saving you from the need to even type anything to search Wikipedia.

If you browse Wikipedia often or simply like to keep the number of browser tabs you have open to a minimum as you do your research, Quickipedia is a compact app that provides an efficient way to access Wikipedia. The app debuted in the Mac App Store late last week, costs $1.99, and requires OS 10.7 or later on a Mac with a 64-bit processor.


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Quickipedia is Wikipedia at its minimal best. Read Wikipedia in a beautiful, unobtrusive client only on your Mac. Whether you want a quick peek at an article, or have fun reading random articles,...



To say that Britannica is more authoritative and accurate than Wikipedia seems like a gross oversimplication. I just did a back of the napkin check and Wikipedia is being updated at a rate of 5,000 edits per hour. This has been going on for years, and it’s part of what makes it very difficult to compare Wikipedia and Britannica. If you’re looking for new or exhaustive information, Wikipedia is likely to be a better source than Britannica. If you’re looking for highly curated/edited information Britannica is often better, but not always. And I find Wikipedia’s honesty (ie. the objectivity of this article is in dispute) to be both refreshing and valuable.


I read in the forums of karagarga.net that wikipedia is actually more accurate by far than EB.

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