Ultralingua Revamps Dictionary App for iPhone and iPad

Ultralingua, the software maker focused on language reference applications, has released a new app that offers several dictionaries for a number of languages via in-app purchase. The new Ultralingua Dictionary is intended to replace its stand-alone offerings that are still available for purchase, many of which debuted in the early days of the App Store in 2008.

Ultralingua Dictionary features improved search, built-in verb conjugation, the ability to change the font and font size, and more compared to the company’s previous apps. Ultralingua released the following brief video as a teaser of the new features earlier this month:

Ultralingua Dictionary is free to download and lets you sample small sections of all of the available titles. At the time of this post, there are 19 titles available for purchase including an English dictionary, English thesaurus and dictionaries for French, Spanish, German, Italian, and more. Regular pricing will range from $10 to $20 for each though Ultralingua has put all titles on sale at 50% off to celebrate the launch and give those who had previously purchased other Ultralingua apps a less expensive way to get the same dictionaries in the new app at a reduced price. This special ends today so you should make your in-app purchase sooner rather than later.

I purchased Ultralingua’s French-English dictionary for $19.99 a couple of years ago and it’s been a great reference. While Ultralingua promises that the old apps will remain in the App Store and will continue to receive bug fixes as needed, all new development efforts will go into the revamped Ultralingua Dictionary. Though you’re not required to upgrade to the new app if you purchased on of the previous ones, it may sting a little to essentially repurchase the same content again in the new app if you want to be able to use the new features.

The most tempting reason for me to go ahead and buy the French-English dictionary again in Ultralingua Dictionary is the improved search function that doesn’t require you to specify the language first before trying to search, a requirement in the old app. I’m still figuring out if that’s worth another $9.00 on top of the $19.99 I paid for the old app though my gut is saying no for the moment. The reviews in the App Store are pretty negative right now from other users who feel a little jilted regarding the new features in relation to their previous purchases of Ultralingua’s stand-alone apps. However, Ultralingua’s hands are a little tied here since Apple doesn’t offer a way for developers to credit customers or transfer previous purchases in situations like these.

Ultralingua makes quality content that’s used by several publishers, government agencies, and even Apple itself. You can’t go wrong with Ultralingua Dictionary if you need a comprehensive dictionary for another language for school or personal reference, especially given the current 50% off sale for the titles available via in-app purchase.


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