Solar Weather App for the iPhone is Cool All the Time

Even though I covered Dark Sky yesterday, I’d feel remiss if I didn’t mention a new entry in the Weather category in the iOS App Store, Solar by Hollr, Inc. Solar hit the App Store earlier this month and features a slick interface to fast-forward through the weather forecast for the current day and see forecast information and the current conditions for other saved locations.

In Solar, sliding your finger up the screen will fast-forward through the current day to show you the expected conditions for the next 24 hours, complete with an animated background to show any precipitation. Dragging downward will pull a 3-day forecast into view from the top of the screen. Pinching with two fingers will reduce the view to tiles for your current location and any other locations you save using the plus button in the top right corner. You can flick right and left to navigate through all of these tiles and tap on one to see its details.

Here’s a demo video showing Solar in action:

Solar is well-done and reminds me of Clear with its gesture-driven interface to carry out most actions. If you don’t need radar or more extensive and detailed forecast information, Solar is an excellent choice for a cool weather app that can showcase the iPhone and its capabilities. It’s on sale for a limited time at just $.99 to celebrate its release so get it now before the price goes up.


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Also of note is a new weather app I’ve got my eye on , “Partly Cloudy.”
It looks very promising in terms of the sheer detail provided on a screen although v 1.0 reviews do tend to mark down points for some small lag etc issues.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I found it a bit surprising that hasn’t covered the amazing sale that Borm Bruckmeier Pocketcards app is hosting currently in the medical section.
I have purchased several of their medical apps before for $4 each & they are actually offering their premium bundle for a total $9.99 right now which bought separately would be over $100!
Worthy news for healthcare/medical section indeed!


the demo video looks a little overly dramatic but the app looks cool. will have to check it out.

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