28 JUN

Google Releases Chrome Browser and Google Drive Apps for iPhone and iPad

by Marianne Schultz

As announced at Google’s I/O developer’s conference today, the search giant has released two new apps for Apple’s iOS devices: Chrome and Google Drive. Chrome brings Google’s own web browser to the iPhone and iPad while Google Drive offers access to the company’s Dropbox-like cloud storage service that provides 5 GB of storage to all users at no charge.

Chrome first debuted in 2008 and is touted as a fast and secure browser that offers easy access to all of Google’s online services with a single sign-in. Chrome became available for Android devices in beta in February and only made it out of beta for this platform yesterday. Chrome for the iPhone and iPad is free and requires iOS 4.3 or higher.

Compared to Safari for iOS, it offers the ability to open an unlimited number of browser tabs, simple gestures to switch between tabs and close them and a unified address and search box. Also, if you switch from browsing through Chrome on your Mac to your iPhone, for example, you can easily access the sites you’d last browsed on your Mac, as highlighted in the following demo video:

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Google Drive is a free cloud storage service to store documents and other files that debuted in April. It provides 5 GB of free storage with the ability to upgrade to more storage for a monthly fee, starting at $2.49 for an additional 20 GB. The free new Google Drive app offers access to files stored in your Google Drive account on the iPhone and iPad. In Google Drive, you can save individual files for offline viewing later when you won’t have an internet connection and even share files with others to allow them to view or edit the selected files.

Google Drive does not contain any file editing capabilities so you’ll need to use another app like DataViz’s Documents to Go for Microsoft Office files.

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