Flutter for Mac Lets You Control Apps via Webcam with Hand Gestures

Flutter, a California-based start-up, has released its unique gesture-driven media control application of the same name in the Mac App Store. Flutter lets you control music and video playback in iTunes, Spotify, VLC, and Quicktime with hand gestures recognized through your computer’s webcam.

To start playback, all you need to do is hold your hand up with your palm facing forward to your webcam. The same gesture will pause playback.

Here’s a demo video showing how Flutter works:


Only a single gesture is recognized to start and pause playback so far but more gestures to skip and like songs and mute and control volume are coming soon according to the app’s description. Flutter will also gain compatibility with additional applications and sites, including YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu.

Though Flutter is still in alpha and isn’t considered a final, bug-free and fully-tested product, it works pretty well. If you’re a fidgeter like me though, you could find yourself stopping and starting music playback more often than you intend but it’s a useful and unique app nonetheless. It’s a little unnerving knowing that my iMac’s webcam is on all the time while Flutter is running but my paranoia is a separate issue altogether.

Flutter has been available for download directly from the company’s site for a few months now but it just debuted in the Mac App Store a couple of weeks ago. It’s currently free to download though this won’t last once new gestures are added and it becomes compatible with more apps, so I definitely recommend you get it now if you have a Mac running OS X 10.6 or higher with a webcam. Though it has limited functionality right now, Flutter is one of those apps that makes you feel like you’re living in the future.



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****NOTE: Flutter app currently may not work with latest version of Maverick, Keynote, or Powerpoint. It also does not work for MacBook Air 2013. Hence, we are making this version available for...

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annoying girl is annoying.

and why other when my keyboard has controls built in?


Sara you are annoying…has anyone ever told you that? This is a great idea!!

Shawn Hong

how long can a company stay alpha? These guys are 3 year old company according to crunchbase. They even had a funding in 2012 – and all they have is 4/5 gestures. Compare that with other startups – FB was a billion dollar company in seven years and these guys have 4/5 gestrues.

When are they going to get the idea that 2D webcam is seriously behind stereoscopic depth camera?

These fools are wasting their time and investors’ money.

The technology is good but try other gadgets that have stereoscopic camera and you can fine tune gestures to nth level.

We at microsoft tried this back in 2007…and guess what…it did not work back then!!!!

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