Scalado PhotoBeamer Lets You Display iPhone Photos on Any Browser, Anywhere

If you’ve ever tried to show off pictures on your iPhone to a group of people, you know that giving everyone a good look at them on a 3.5-inch display is less than ideal. Scalado, a Sweden-based imaging technology company, aims to make it dead simple to share your iPhone photos in any web browser instantly and easily with today’s release of of Scalado PhotoBeamer.

The $.99 app is very straightforward. When you open it, you’re prompted to select a photo from your Camera Roll for sharing. Once you’ve chosen a photo, the app switches to show the camera’s viewfinder with instructions to navigate to on the computer or other device where you’d like to display the selected photo. Navigating to this URL on the selected computer or device reveals a QR code, which you then scan using the app. This “connects” the two and the selected photo on your iPhone will be shown on the other device.

This promotional video shows the sharing in action though it skips the pairing process just described:

As shown in the video, you’re not limited to the single photo you selected to share since you can simply flick your way backward and forward through your camera roll and these pictures will be shown on the other device. The limitation to photos only in the Camera Roll rather than any photo album on your iPhone constitutes my only gripe about PhotoBeamer.

PhotoBeamer doesn’t require a direct wired or wireless connection via Wifi or Bluetooth between your iPhone and other devices. Both devices simply need to have an internet connection via WiFi or 3G and the QR code that you scan with your iPhone is what handles the web-based connection to link the two together.

There are three themes to adjust how your pictures are shown on the connected device: fit to screen, fill screen and old fashioned. Other than this, there are no settings or anything to monkey with, making it easy to use even for the most technically-challenged.

I’ve tested Scalado PhotoBeamer with my iPhone 4S and MacBook Air and it works fantastically. This is one of those apps that can wow others with its ease of use and simplicity and if you ever like to show your iPhone pictures to others and I highly recommend it.

Scalado PhotoBeamer debuted in the App Store this morning and costs $.99. It requires iOS 5 and is compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, 3rd-generation iPod touch and higher. Though it lacks an interface optimized for the iPad’s larger screen, PhotoBeamer also works on all iPad models but you won’t be able to scan the QR code as needed with the first-generation iPad since it lacks a camera, of course.


Scalado PhotoBeamer

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Scalado PhotoBeamer is a new innovative and easy way to show your photos on any screen. Just point your iPhone at any screen displaying and you'll be able to enjoy your photos...



Scalado is currently useless because due to “high loads” they can’t handle much of anything. You either can’t get a connection at all, or it drops you. They have a notice saying they’re “working hard” on the problem. What, they had no idea there would be a high load on their servers? The idea is great; the execution leaves a lot to be desired.


Servers seem to have recovered now. At least it works for me!


5 stars if it supported all photo albums. limited to ‘camera roll’ only really is cripplingg…3 stars out of 5. support for any photo on your device would make this a must-have app.

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