Flight+ Puts Comprehensive Travel Information at your Fingertips

While many airlines offer their own apps to provide easier access to flight status and other information, keeping one for every airline you fly can clutter up your iPhone quickly. An app that provides flight information across multiple airlines and airports can be more practical and a quick trip out of town this week gave me an easy opportunity to check out Flight+, a new app that offers just this.

For this trip I wanted to keep an eye on my flights, an easy task with Flight+. You can search for and save specific flights and choose to receive push notifications if its details change, such as the gate, terminal, arrival or departure time and more. Flight+ also displays current weather information for your arrival and departure cities, a nice touch to help you pack accordingly.

Beyond this, Flight+ will also show you much more detail about flights including a path maps, information about the airplane and even a seat map if available.

If your needs are less specific and you want to know more about an airport or a specific airline, the Airports and Airlines tabs let you take a deep dive to see comprehensive information about the airports near you and all flights for every airline. Airport information includes general information and facts, current weather, terminal maps and a complete list of all arrivals and departures, which are constantly updated. Airline information also includes airline general information and facts plus direct access to an airline’s Twitter feed (if the airline has one) and a virtual Flight Board to show all flights for the current day.

The app’s interface features a design that mimics the look of old-style airmail envelopes. While I’m not usually a fan of analog style interfaces like this (the torn paper look of iCal in Lion drives me crazy), it lends Flight+ a level of cuteness that doesn’t interfere with its functionality. The virtual pages of each view can be slid left and right easily to backward and forward, a smooth navigation element that’s a welcome change from apps driven by virtual buttons alone.

Flight+ debuted in the App Store last month and is offered in two versions – one for the iPhone and iPod touch ($2.99) and one for the iPad ($4.99). This demo video shows the iPad version in action:


If you’re a frequent traveler or even just an occasional traveler who wants constantly-updated airport and flight information for every major airport in the world, Flight+ is a worthy purchase.


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Dave R

I’ve used Flight+ on iPad2 and on iPhone 4s. Import from Tripit causes the iPad version to crash at each subsequent startup of the app. Using maps crashes the iPhone version. E-mails to support go entirely unanswered. I can’t recommend it, unfortunately.


Hello Dave,

Here is the support you requested! 🙂 There must have been a glitch in the email matrix.
Please mail us a info@iaftt.com and we will help you with your problem. Probably the problem uncured on your device is already solved in the update of May 24.

Enjoy your flight!

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