Another Bluetooth Switch App Debuts in the App Store (For Now)

Remember Bluetooth OnOff, the iPhone app that offered 1-step Bluetooth control on the iPhone that was available a couple of weeks ago? Well, as I suspected, it didn’t last long in the App Store at all since it used private APIs that developers are not allowed to use. However, another developer has braved the App Store waters with a similar app: Bluetooth Manager by Timo.

Per its description, the app lets you set alerts that will generate push notifications to turn Bluetooth on and off at specific times you choose. Tapping on the push notification pop-up or the alert in Notification Center will turn Bluetooth on or off accordingly without requiring any further steps.

Bluetooth Manager also offers a toggle in Settings (pictured above on the right) where you can choose to have the app close itself automatically upon toggling the Bluetooth on/off switch within the app. This requires one more step than the short-lived Bluetooth OnOff, which could turn Bluetooth on and off simply by being opened, but it’s still a couple of steps less than going to Settings, scrolling to General, selecting Bluetooth and tapping again to turn it on or off as needed.

Since Bluetooth Manager controls your iPhone’s Bluetooth radio directly, it most likely uses the same private APIs that Bluetooth OnOff fell afoul of, so it probably won’t last long in the App Store either. Also, in my testing so far, the reliability of the notifications sounding at the times selected is spotty at best, though the Bluetooth toggle function has worked without any problems so far. If you’re desperate for an app that offers this functionality, get it while it’s still available.


Bluetooth Manager

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Version: 1.0
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* Switch Bluetooth on/off with one single click * Schedule Bluetooth on/off at different times * Toggle Bluetooth on/off by clicking push messages