Clear for iPhone Gets New Themes, Shake to Undo, More

Clear, the streamlined and gesture-driven to do app by Realmac Software, Impending, and Milen that debuted in February, has received an update adding several new features. Clear 1.1, which hit the App Store this morning, features new color themes, a shake to undo feature and more.

The full list of what’s new is as follows:

  • Shake to Undo: a popular request, and now all yours.
  • Character Cap is now voluntary. With great power comes great responsibility‚Ķ
  • Secret Themes! How secret? So tantalizingly secret we can’t say more.
  • New option display the iOS status bar.
  • Improved the tap-to-create-item behaviour at the bottom of lists.
  • 25% added inspiration (more quotes!)
  • Shiny new design for alerts
  • Fixed legibility in low-contrast situations with subtle text emboss
  • Added the Clear tutorial to the Tips and Tricks menu
  • Bug fixes

Most welcome is the removal of the character limit for each item, which was a little stifling for those who like to be a little more verbose when listing tasks, a category I fall squarely in. Also useful is the new option to make the status bar visible so you can keep an eye on the time as you browse your lists.

As with the initial release of Clear, there are some color themes you can unlock. If you have Path installed, this automatically unlocks a new theme with the same name. Additional themes are tied to other apps, as our sister site TouchArcade points out in an article about Clear and game mechanics in productivity apps. Those apps, The Heist, Temple Run, and Bumpy Road, will be updated shortly so you can complete your Clear theme collection if you’re so inclined.

All in all, this update only adds to the appeal of Clear as a to do app. While I’ll still use Apple’s own Reminders for the most part since I absolutely must have alerts for many of my tasks, Clear is fun and easy to use and will remain on my home screen.


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