Fragile Earth for iPad Highlights Impact of Climate Change, Urbanization, and Natural Disasters

Earth Day, a day dedicated to learning and awareness of our environment and man’s impact on it, is April 22 and HarperCollins has just released Fragile Earth, a photography app for the iPad that highlights environmental changes caused by mankind and natural phenomena, as a timely learning tool.

Fragile Earth combines some of the most powerful images of the environment, showing before and after scenes of our natural world. Through these thought-provoking portraits from across the globe, the app captures the world’s beauty, vastness and vulnerability. Detailed ecological snapshots depict rivers which have dried up or flooded, erupted volcanoes, glaciers in the process of melting, and cities sprawling outward.

Fragile Earth showcases before and after satellite images of numerous locations in six categories: Man’s Impact, Deserts and Drought, Natural Phenomena, Warming World, Water’s Power, and Wild Weather. Each set of images features a slider control to switch between the older and newer views of the selected location. A button marked with an arrow at the bottom of each image set reveals a description of what the images display.

HarperCollins has created a demo video to show how the app works:


In commemoration of Earth Day, HarperCollins will drop the price of Fragile Earth from its regular price of $2.99 to just $.99 from April 22 through April 29. If you’re at all curious about how our planet has been affected by the expansion of cities, deforestation and other actions and events, Fragile Earth is a worthy purchase. If you want to learn more about Earth Day and find out about related events in your area, check out the official Earth Day website.


Fragile Earth

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“A unique perspective of locations around the globe…on how the world is changing over time due to both human and environmental factors.” Mashable “Through thought-provoking portraits from...



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“GTR your an ignorant idiot and a disgrace to ur name. Nothin u said even makes sense. Pick a different name and jus leave yourself to look like an idiot please.

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