Osfoora for Twitter Comes to the Mac with Tweet Marker Support

There is no shortage of Twitter apps in the Mac App Store though if you browse Twitter on multiple platforms, apps that synchronize your timeline position across your Mac and iOS devices are few and far between. Twitterrific was the first Mac app we saw that included this kind of synchronization using the Tweet Marker service and there’s a lovely new entry in the Mac App Store that now includes the same feature, Said Marouf’s Osfoora.

Osfoora is no stranger to the world of Apple with iOS versions available for the iPhone and iPad since 2010. Osfoora, which roughly means “little bird” in Arabic, debuted in the Mac App Store last month with all of the features you’d expect from a Twitter client these days, including Growl support, Instapaper and Read It Later support, multiple account capability, inline image thumbnails, lists, and more. All of this comes in a clean, subdued interface that doesn’t add to the distraction Twitter can already present all on its own.

Osfoora’s settings let you customize font size, set timeline refresh timing, and define your preferred image and video uploading and URL shortening services. You can choose to use Growl notifications to be alerted of mentions and direct messages and an optional dock icon badge can let you know how many unread tweets are waiting for your hungry eyes at a glance.

Those who like keyboard shortcuts for speedy navigation will find that Osfoora covers all the basics, with easy shortcuts to access your main timeline view, mentions, direct messages, favorites, lists, saved searches and even your own profile.

If you’re a Twitter user who likes a lot of customization options to change interface colors, set up multiple tabs in the same window to hold your favorite searches and other items, you’ll be better served by an application like YoruFukurou, an app that also offers more flexible window resizing, making it my favorite when I’m using my 11-inch MacBook Air and its relatively tiny screen. While Osfoora does let you open multiple windows to view different accounts, you won’t be able to tweak its interface much beyond the font size.

Tweet Marker is a service for “setting and getting the ‘last read’ tweet for a given Twitter user” according to the service’s site and though I think it’s a fantastic idea, few apps are taking advantage of it at this point. The best aspect of Tweet Marker is that it’s device and platform independent in how it works, which means I can use Osfoora on my Mac and Tweetbot on my iPad and iPhone and they will both find my last timeline position thanks to Tweet Marker. I’d argue that this is a service that Twitter itself should offer but for now, I’m happy that there are excellent clients available for all of my devices that make use of this service.

Osfoora for the Mac costs $4.99 and is well worth the price. If you want to get a little crazy and have matching Twitter apps on all of your Apple devices, you can also try Osfoora for the iPhone and Osfoora HD for the iPad, though neither of these apps incorporate the Tweet Marker service at this time, though if I were a betting woman, I’d say this is coming soon.

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