Billr Makes Bill Splitting and Tip Calculating Easy

The tip calculator category is a crowded one in the App Store and it can be difficult to stand out but a new app created by three college students brings a refreshing take to the genre. Brown University students Nicholas Shulman and Stephen Poletto came up with the idea for a straightforward and easy-to-use bill splitting app and partnered with designer Ivy Hu to create Billr.

When you open Billr, you first designate the number of people in your party (up to 16 people). From there, each person can enter the amounts of each item ordered.

Once all items are entered, the next screen shows the bill total and allows you to select the correct tax and desired tip amounts. The final screen shows you the amount each person owes to cover the total bill with taxes and the tip given the amount spent by each.

Billr is definitely easy to use and is a keeper for me, though I wish it had one additional feature. When I go out to eat with friends, we rarely bother with splitting the bill based on exactly what each person ordered but instead prefer to evenly split the bill among us all. If Billr included a feature that would offer the ability to evenly split a bill with taxes and tip, it would be my go-to app for all of my restaurant bill calculation needs.

When Billr first hit the App Store in late February, its primary function was to let multiple diners calculate their exact share of a restaurant meal. Since then, Billr has been updated so that it can act as a tip calculator for just one person, making it a fantastic selection even if you’re only looking for a simple tip calculator with an occasional need to split bills among multiple people. Billr is currently available for the special introductory price of $.99 and it’s a great choice to make restaurant bill calculation as painless as possible between friends.


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Nicholas Shulman

Thanks for the review and feedback, Marianne.
Stephen, Ivy and I listen to all feedback, and I think you will like what is in store! Updates soon.

We also put together a video to inaugurate Billr’s launch in international App Stores last week — and our second week on iTunes’ featured lists.

Check it out at
If you have questions or feedback, please tweet @BillrMe or email me directly.

Thanks and happy Billr-ing,
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Johnson Cat

If u need to evenly split a bill with taxes and tip among friends, can just simply use the Calculator app LOL…


Nice app but it’s too much steps for a bill splitter and tip calculator, names has to made, bill amounts has to be added for each name and so on… I will look cheap in front of friends while working out with this app.


I still like the Bistromath app for this better. Let’s you split individual items too. So if two of you agree to buy an appetizer, Bistromath lets you split that with ease. This app is great, but still room for improvement to take the #1 spot.


Lets say there is group of 20 people and I am paying for 4 people and those people are separated around the table, how can you know what they have order in the menu if I were to pay for their part? and the other 16 people had to pay separately? This app is good for no more than 5 people that agree on the sharing of the bill and tip.


This is such a great idea! My friends and I go out to eat and we hate breaking out the calculators–this will make life so much simpler.


I’v never had a problem splitting the bill for the bag of 20 White Castle sliders, that makes my lunch with friends.


I love this! I actually look forward to the end of a meal just to use this app now. It’s so pretty 🙂

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